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    Will Cyclone 'Gaja' affect Tamilnadu severely?

    The IMD has predicted that the impact of cyclone Gaja would be very severe in central and south Tamilnadu. Gaja is likely to cross the coast between Cuddalore and Pamban during the night of 15th November. The landfall is likely to cause heavy rain in the coastal districts of Tamilnadu.

    They predicted light and moderate showers in Chennai on 14th November. It did not happen. Chennai is safe from Gaja and rain.

    How do you foresee Gaja effect in Tamilnadu tonight?
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    Cyclones can have a devastating affect when they meet the land but sometimes they weaken and damage is not as expected. This happens many times but we have to prepare for the worst and accordingly the forecasts are announced.

    In US, where cyclones and tornados are common every time a large number of people are moved to other locations but every time the intensity is not as predicted but safety measures are to be taken before hand.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a saying in Telugu which means no one can predict properly when will it rain or when the life will get ended. It all depends. The advanced satellite systems and technology improved a lot and Scientists are able to predict the arrival of cyclone much accurately many times. Even then sometimes it may be changing. When there is a prediction about cyclone one should not take it easy and should not think that the prediction will go wrong. All required precautions to save the people and properties to the maximum extent possible should be taken. It is good if the cyclone is not there and there are no casualties.
    All emergency services should be kept on alert and no one should go on to the sea and fishing should not be carried out these times. As of now, Chennai is OK, I heard through my sister. Hope everything will go well.

    always confident

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    As per the recent news, 9 persons lost their life and around 1 lakh people evacuated to safer places. Gaja makes landfall in Nagapattinam district with wind speed upto 120Kmph. Many trees uprooted and houses damaged in Nagapattinam, Cuddalore and remaining delta districts. Earlier IMD and few weather bloggers predicted that Gaja will get weaken when it landfall but unfortunately it is severe one like 2016 Vardah cyclone. Delta districts are the worst affected and then southern, Central districts of TN. But we get to know the real damages later today.

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    Weather prediction especially at the time of hurricanes and cyclones is a difficult task as indirect inferences are derived from the meteorological data. Still, IMD do their job with due diligence seeing the historic data as well as the current weather data.

    The exact effect of the looming dangers can only be ascertained after their impact and meanwhile the Govt has a bigger responsibility of shifting the people to safe places and arranging food, water and other basic ameneties for them. It is no doubt a mammoth work for these agencies whether Govt or private to give relief in such a short time.

    If people are displaced in time and all precautions are taken then casualties in such cases can be reduced to bare minimum, however for the loss of property, crop and other assets nothing can be done.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The severe cyclone has already crossed the Tamilnadu coast near Vedaranyam in the early hours today and as per IMD the speed of the cyclone was about 120 km per hour. It has brought heavy rains in the adjoining places and Nagapattinam district is worst affected by it.

    About 80000 people have already been evacuated to safe areas. It is reported that the many trees and electricity poles are uprooted.

    The exact impact of the cyclone will be known after it is fully weakened and rains are stopped. So far 13 casualties have been reported. Already 11 teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and 7 other teams belonging to the Tamil Nadu government's disaster response force are at work in the affected areas.

    So IMD prediction was quite accurate and in time to warn the people for precautionary measures.

    Knowledge is power.

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    More than one lakh people have been evacuated. As per the latest report, nine people have died. The cyclone didn't weaken as predicted in the weather forecast. Now, it is understood that the cyclone will weaken by tomorrow morning. The actual losses will be reported by tomorrow afternoon.
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    In Kerala where I am residing, the day started in a dul and eerie mood with mild rains. The whole day sun has not come ou and not shined. It was a 'moody' day-chill and eerie. Even day time was looking as if sunset time. There were rains on and off. Towards evening winds started blowing. Then they stopped. But rains came. Power went off in the day and came only by about 8.30 in the night. Still it comes and goes. I read in various news sources that there were landslides in Idukki dist and heavy rains in various places.

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