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    How many houses a family need actually ?

    All of us need a house to live. There are many people in Kerala who do not have a house to live. According to the 2011 census, number of families without own house is 4,5 lakh. Approximately, 18 lakh persons are living without houses.
    At the same time there are 11,89,140 houses in the State lying vacant, without any regular occupants. Many might be occupied on rental basis. The size of a majority of houses will be large enough such that many rooms are not occupied, regularly.
    Many of those who work in cities go for a house/ flat in the city, while our ancestral home is kept locked in the village. All these figures indicate that there no planning with regard to housing in this part of the country.
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    This is sad that many people own many flats or houses and many of us don't have houses to live in and that's one of the reason why the rates of properties are increasing and getting out of reach of common people. Government should take some measures for it.

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    Well, I think the practice of owning more than one house is there in all the places. Many people purchase houses to keep them as properties. They say it's a good investment and in most of the cases fetches a very profitable return. Now, it is also true that so many people are there in the country, not only in Kerala alone, who have no shelter. They stay on open road and railway platforms.

    Actually, one house is enough for staying. But there is no rule also to restrict people from purchasing more than one house. There are many schemes in different states where the government provides house to the needy at a nominal cost. Shelter for all is among the basic rights and effective steps must be there from the government end so that people do not have to sleep without a proper shelter.


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    One house is enough for a family to live in. But the size of the family decides the size of the house. If it is just for a couple a double bedroom house is sufficient. If it is a big family the size is to be big enough so that all can be accommodated properly. But in India, there are many families without a house and there are many families having more than one house. This is mainly due to the large gap between the well to do and poor families. There are people with huge income. They feel that by investing in houses and land they will get more returns. As such they purchase a number of houses. They give the houses on rent so that have a regular income and they can sell the house if they have any requirements. Nowadays the government is encouraging people to go for housing and they are offering loans with less interest. The governments are planning houses to the needy people. But these houses will be going to the people who are already having houses and real needy will never get these houses.
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    As far as living is considered one big house for a joint family and a medium house for the nuclear family is more than sufficient.

    Now coming to the question - how many houses a person should have or keep there is a simple answer that those who can afford can have as many houses as possible and earn by giving them on rent. The capital appreciation is also very lucrative and it is a good investment option.

    In the present system Govt can only provide subsidized housing to the poor but can not restrict a rich person to have more houses.

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    In the years before 1970, the expectations of people were moderate but after that the flow of money is however is high and many people keep on increasing their requirements more and more. I have a friend in Chandigarh. He once called me for a dinner in his house. I politely refused as I am pure vegetarian. He insisted me by saying that they also take vegetarian items only on that day as it was some vrat day. By believing his words I went to his house. His house was of 5 floors with similar area. He took me to the third floor first and introduced his wife and child. Then he took me to the ground floor where I saw a old aged couple and some youngsters. He introduced the old age couple as his parents and others were his brothers and sister in laws. Then he told The entire house is occupied by them as ground floor for parents and other four floors for four brothers. Parents normally took food from the first floor son and only on the vrat days all four families joined with parents in the ground floor as on that day only pure vegetarian foods they eat. No single spoon will come from upstairs on that day. I really surprised and took my dinner with them. It is just like that a joint family and if they think they would purchased five big houses by their own as they are well in status.
    But as many present people raised themselves with their requirements heavily and increased their properties to alarming level. They forget one basic thing that when we are leaving this world we are not going to take even a pin with us.

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