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    Do you write a diary?

    What you did throughout the day? I am sure you can remember most of the things that you did at the end of the day. There may be many interesting things, new experience, maybe bad or good. Maybe you met a person after a long time and shared many things with him. All these things are part of life. We all are used to it.

    Now, do you write a diary to keep a note of all these things? The innermost feelings about anything are found in many of the diary entries. All of you must have heard about "The Diary of a Young Girl'. It was the diary entries of Anne Frank. So many memories are attached with the diaries. It is just like an album, without the pictures. It can be helpful too to remind us how our thought process changes with time.

    I remember, sometime during my childhood I used to maintain a diary. Though I never wrote any innermost feelings or future plans, I wrote only what I did throughout the day. It's really interesting to read something written by yourself long ago.
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    Hi, It is always good to write diary which becomes an part of our life, a memory of good and bad like a movie, a image or a video.
    I always wanted to write a diary to keep track of every good and fair things happened in my life, but never did so,,,,
    Luckily now, I have started to keep a track of all my trips in Google Keep. Whenever i read it, it takes me to the entire journey.
    May be i should carry a diary and enjoy my life.

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    I am actually afraid to maintain a diary because while turning the pages I might encounter a bitter experience. I am not very emotionally stable so I might end up depressed after that. I use an app called Yourquote instead. It is a writing app that helps me vent my feelings. That app also increases my writing skills because people can like and comment under my "diary" there. And I don't come face to face with my bitter experiences a lot there as my quotes are sorted according to time. I even have options to sort them in the way I want making depressing entries go so below that I won't see it again. I actually can make friends there through my follower count. I actually did make some very good friends from there.
    So yes. That is what is working for me. I can maintain an Yourquote account instead of a diary.

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    No, I don't maintain any diary. Since my childhood, I have been advised by my elders and teachers to maintain a diary. I do know that this habit has many benefits. But due to my procrastination, I have not made any attempt to write any diary.

    On the contrary, my father started maintaining diary since the very next day of his retirement (1st January, 1990). He continued this till the end of 2016. He even used to write something when he was hospitalized (thrice during this period). Now at a very old age, he has stopped it.

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    I had always thought to maintain a diary since my childhood but I never did. I was always afraid that someone might read it and whatever secrets I might have written would be read and revealed.

    It's good to write a diary because that's the way you can read the important incidents happened in your life. I know very few people who do that. Actually, this is a discipline related issue the people who disciplined often write it and those who are not they just think of it but never start writing it.


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    Now I was not maintaining. But during my working period in a company, I was managing the diary. I used to write the works completed and the works which are important. I used to maintain the priority list. But later on, I discontinued. I never maintained any personal diary. My father used to maintain the diary.
    Many people feel it is better to maintain a diary. It will stand as a witness for our acts and deeds. When we read these old diaries we may feel happy or we may be sad based on the incident narrated there. But these days writing a diary is becoming out of fashion. Many young people don't even try to own a diary at least.

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    Maintaining diary is a wonderful thing and long back I had one with me which I updated time to time but gradually that habit faded away and presently I do not maintain it. I believe it is a good habit as it gives you to summarise your day or week and later on you can refer to it like the pages of your autobiography.

    Now a days many people are much comfortable in maintaining it online also and also making it open to the other people for their comments and I thing it is a fun to do that but discussing personal matters in the net is not really advisable as sometimes it may lead to a nasty situation.

    Whether you maintain a diary or not but jotting down some points chronologically in a diary is very useful one day in our life.

    I can give my example here that though I discontinued writing diary long back, I continued jotting down some points which abruptly came to my mind for future references. Subjects on which I thought I will be able to write an article later, ideas which I will be elaborating later, questions to which I am not getting answer that time and things like that.

    Believe me, today when I go through those things it is a treasure for me. So many things I find there which are today helping me in my thought process and creating new write ups. So that is not exactly a diary writing but something similar to help you at a later date.

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    Recently I started cleaning my shelves and boxes.In them there were many diaries. One by one I searched the pages before destroying the used pages and salvaging the unused pages. The used pages were just few.
    Invariably I had used the first page(date January I st each year). I had written: " Happy New Year. Let this be a happy new year".
    Then,inmost of them the notes were of some reminders of things to do on certain dates.The dates of my travel, ticket booking details, some expenses etc.
    In effect I could get a number of books which i kept for use as scribbling books. I use them for noting and scribbling routine things like milk, paper, grocery list, laundry list etc.

    I had not diarised any personal matters of events. It was just because, I did not have a consistent habit of doing so.

    Nowadays even the few entries I do not make. My 2018 year diary is still lying fully blank.

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    I maintained only one diary which was my school diary. The School diary was a forced one, and it was very monotonous. I always love to do what my instinct says and not the one which is mandatory. Writing a diary as a regular practice would have become quite a boring task.
    Reading a personal diary after a long gap is definitely appealing, and has an emotional connect. By the way, it is a very private thing so guarding it against others is a real pain. I never believed in keeping secret so had no desire to write a diary.


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