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    No permission to CBI in Andhra Pradesh.

    It is a news to me. I never know that a state's permission is required to CBI to conduct an enquiry in a state. The CBI is formed as per the Special Police Establishment Act 1946 by the central government. This organisation can conduct enquiry only in Delhi. For conducting enquiries in other States the concerned State governments has to give general consent.
    The Andhra Pradesh State government has withdrawn the general consent given by the government earlier. The government feels that the State Anti Corruption Bureau is capable of conducting all the matters related to the State and as such, they feel there is no need for CBI. At the same time, they expressed their doubts on the functioning of CBI.
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    Yes, the consent of State government is required for CBI to conduct enquiry in a state. But A.P. government has withdrawn the general consent which is already there for CBI act. There is a growing dissent in various state governments which are opposing Mr. Modi's government strongly. The reason for this is Mr.Modi is using CBI to suppressing state parties which are opposing him. Now along with Chandra Babu, Cm's of Punjab and W.Bengal also joined. People and media of the country also feeling BJP government using CBI to suppressing opposition parties in the country. The Supreme Cort already described CBI as caged parrot. What is the doubt in it?

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    The CM of West Bengal has also announced the same. It's a central-state issue and many others may also follow suit. There is a widespread allegation that the CBI is being used by the successive central governments to target their oppositions. It is nothing new but this time few state governments are directly in confrontation with the central government after this order.

    The AP deputy CM has said in a statement that the ongoing feud and allegations in the functioning of few officials in the central investigating agency has prompted them to take this decision. The CVC findings against Aloke Verma, the former director of CBI, needs further investigation according to the apex court and when the issue will be taken up again by the top court, more things may come out.


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    The Chief Minister of West Bengal has the responsibility to save her and her top followers' skin from Narada-Sharada scandal. It is quite natural that she would follow Chandrababu Naidu's footsteps. But how long can she save herself? The judiciary has also seen through her divisive and corrupt game.
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