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    How do we stop this dangerous bus travel?

    In spite of several hundreds of buses being introduced in the peak hours, almost as a rule, one does see very young students dangerously hanging on to buses in many parts of the country. I have seen it in Kurnool, Tirupathi and so on. In Tamil Nadu, it is so common and does not need any mention at all. There have been several accidents only because of such travel.

    In fact, there is a marked tendency among male students to show off to young girls in the same bus and impress them. This goes on and on. Such scenes are often shown in the movies as well.

    The hapless conductors do not know what to do. Their time is taken away only in shouting at the students. The only solution is to introduce more number of both Government and private buses on the busy routes and also introduce share autos ( the Tata Ace vehicle modified, as in Chennai), at very reasonable rates fixed by the Government, on selected routes, with distances not exceeding ten kilometers.

    What do members have to say on this? What more can be done?
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    More buses at peak hours is a solution to this. I never travel in a bus on the footboard or hanging. My life is more valuable to me than that journey. Office goers and students may require buses daily to commute to office and back at fixed times. These days many colleges and schools are having their own buses and the students of that institute will be travelling mostly in that buses only. Similarly for private employees also the organisations will be running the buses. Even then we see buses crowdy at peak hours. So RTC should see that the number of buses during those hours should be more.
    Even though there are many buses some young people try to travel in the crowdy buses only for the reasons best known to them. It is very dangerous and the parents should try to educate their children properly in this regard and see that their children will never go for such risky acts.

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    The only solution to overcome this dangerous hanging practice is to introduce buses with closed doors. Bengaluru is also a metro city where all the city buses have closed doors operated by the driver of the buses. The same should be followed in Chennai and other cities and towns. Also, more buses should be introduced on busy routes, especially during the peak morning and evening hours.

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    The young people have a tendency to go for exciting acts and impressive performances and they will not abide by the conductor or driver while doing such risky things.

    The solution lies in strict vigil and punishment on such acts involving the parents of these mischievous youngsters so that they will be afraid to repeat it next time fearing the wrath of their parents. Introduction of buses can also solve this problem partly as the main thing is to change these young people in their attitude.

    These daredevils are not bothered, for the inconveniences their parents will be in, once they get involved in some accident or untoward happening.

    Such problems require reform measures at home and society level rather then simply police vigil and control.

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    It was a very common scene in Delhi. It's not because of the crowd its because the youngsters these days think that they do adventure by doing this. Nowadays it's not happening here in Delhi as all the DTC buses have automatic doors which get locked once the bus moves so leaving no chance of someone hanging on the door in the moving bus. The situation here is controlled .

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    Traveling is not dangerous but driving is most dangerous in not only cities but also every part of our country. Driving is almost worst and because of such driving persons not only travelers but also pedestrians get affected so dangerously. Flights caught crashed, trains derails, buses overturns only because of the erring drivers, poor maintenance of vehicles. Driving persons should do their work cautiously, carefully and by following rules of the roads and paths. They should consider the welfare of passengers as well their own life and family.

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    During travels in local train in Mumbai the woman can even be seen hanging outside but this doesn't mean that those are trying to impress the boys & therefore don't take for granted by targeting any specific sex here because it's not always the case & that even girls are no behind by showing themselves of what they are capable of to their counterparts but again the same must not be understood in misunderstood ways because again this is not always the case. We have a different topic here & is quite important & therefore pl. don't let it be specific to any one sex or we might get diverted.

    In addition, we must think on the side effects of population explosion or else we continue to face the extreme scenario in the future.

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    At times, students carry out such daredevil tactics not only in bus but in many other transports. For example, in West Bengal I have seen many students, even of reputed colleges, stand in front of the door of the train and lean forward to show others how courageous they are.

    In bus, this problem can be avoided by changing the entire fleet of buses and introducing new ones containing automatic doors. In few of my earlier threads, I expressed concern about the lack of safety precaution among the passengers and drivers and this tendency starts from childhood itself.

    In crowded buses people are seen hanging outside but it is not at all advisable.The public transport system has to be improved in those places by introducing more number of buses in those routes especially during rush hour and the students must be taught about necessary safety precautions by their parents and teachers.


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    Travelling on footboards of the buses are basically due to two reasons. The first one is due to the availability of less number of buses compared to the number of passengers and the second one is for young people, travelling on footboards provides a sense of adventure. The first problem will take a long time to be healed. The second problem can be solved by taking strict punitive measures.
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    These culprits should be dealt sternly if it is to be stopped. If someone is standing on the door of a moving vehicle there is a danger of accident. Such youngsters who are depicting heroism in moving vehicles should be send to remand homes for 10-15 days for a mental counselling session then only they and their parents will be learning the lesson and it will have impact on others also.
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