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    Should we not regulate the private coaching centers?

    In our country, when there is a small business opportunity, in private coaching, hundreds jump into it, almost immediately. One can see the hundreds of NEET coaching centers springing up in every nook and corner, of even the smallest of towns. The fees charged is quite high.

    The reports emanating from the students is not good. There do not seem to be qualified teachers. Would it not be a better idea to have some check on the quality of teachers? Can there be some qualifying test, which should be made compulsory, so that the teachers can teach the particular students who enroll in such coaching centers.? There is the UGC NET and the State level SLET too. Can we have some similar qualifying examination so that there will be better quality of teachers?

    Or should we leave everything to market forces? For instance, some one hundred engineering colleges have already been closed in Tamil Nadu. A few have no fresh admissions and are just waiting for the existing batch of students to graduate. If left untouched, the same fate will happen to the private coaching centers too.
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    Why talk about coaching centres. There are many private engineering colleges where there are no qualified teachers. There will be some names in the register. But they will be never coming to that college. the same name will appear in more than one college also. Just graduated engineers will be employed in these colleges for a very low salary. What he teaches and what the students learn from him is known to God only. All the colleges will have the UGC approval and all other required approvals. They will have university affiliation also. Let us first think about how to regulate these colleges. Then we can think of coaching centres. These centres are not giving any degrees. The outcoming students will not have any additional degrees.
    These coaching centres are surviving because some students are going there also. If the centre is not good, I think students should not go and join there. That is the only solution to this problem, I feel.

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    The mushrooming of private coaching centres in our country is a clear indication that in general, leaving some reputed institutions, the teaching level in our country is not commensurate with the entrance exams and career making at the present juncture.

    This is a big challenge and more and more students going for these coaching centres in one subject or other are simply proving this supposition. No easy solution is in sight for remedy to this challenge but one thing that comes to our mind is if somehow we can bring back our educational system to become effective and efficient education provider then the growth of these coaching centres can be curtailed to some degree.

    The environment of many schools and colleges is not conducive to study and there are many political elements penetrated there deeply to create disorder and disturbance. The result of which forces the innocent students to opt for coaching somewhere else.

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    All of us know the answer to the question. There should not be any private coaching centre for any course or for any entrance. But, due to our less than desirable education system and stiff competition at every level, there has been private coaching institute for every entrance examination, every competitive examination and private tuition for every subject.

    To change this unhealthy trend, the entire education system needs a massive overhaul.

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    The question is who is going to regulate all the coaching centres. There are regulations in many states where the teachers of government schools/colleges are not allowed to offer private tuition. The rules are flouted in many cases and the coaching centres are running unchecked. There is a craze among students to go to coaching centres because they offer suggestive learning.

    Education has become a business in this country and many incompetent people are running those centres because of their association with influential persons. These coaching centres are thriving because of the flaws in the education system where students think they must attend those coaching centres to score well in different entrance tests.

    For example, there is a tendency among many students to study only the important things that is going to be asked in the exams based on the question papers of last few years. This may not be the proper way of learning a subject and the syllabus of each subject must be in accordance with the practical implementations. Complicating the syllabus acts as a burden to students and gives rise to undesirable competition. Efforts should be there to modify the complete education system and only then the activities of these mushrooming coaching institutes can be checked.


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    Private engineering colleges have become business centres these days. They dont provide good facilities and faculty. I myself is passed out from a private engineering college from Maharashtra. I have a worse experience of it. The teachers they used to keep were fresh engineers.

    And these private engineering colleges make lots of profit as they dont spend money on tge facilities they provide. There should be some criteria for selecting teachers and the certification bodies have to be strict while certifying colleges.


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