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    Changing facades of housekeeping

    Do you see a paradigm shift in the way household work is handled today? What could be the factors which have contributed to this?

    Being a housewife I am well aware of the finer points and subtleties of housekeeping. Housekeeping is not an ordinary job. In fact, it mimics running of an organisation where everything is important from procurement to inventory management to manufacturing to timely delivery of material or service, without creating any delay or disorder at any stage.

    Earlier, women were supposed to take complete care of housekeeping and other family members simply demanded their needs and conveniences time to time. With the dissemination of education and job opportunities to all, the situation is slowly changing and other family members are also required to contribute their bit as women are also going out to attend their jobs and careers. Alternatively, those who can afford are keeping a full-time servant to do most of the jobs which the house lady was executing earlier sometimes with the help of a part-time maid also.

    So there is a gradual shift in the role of women in the housekeeping and in coming times it is going to be more evident and conspicuous.

    What do you think about this?
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    The role played by the housewife is a good case study for the upcoming entrepreneurs. How she manages the schedules and how she delivers the goods on time is a good lesson to the manufacturing factory. The child has to go to school. The bus will come at 8.45 AM. The mother will see that the child will be ready by 8.40 AM. Not a minute early or a minute late. The husband has to start 9.00 AM so that he will reach office in time. His tiffin box will be ready for picking up by 8.55AM. Well before his breakfast will also be served. Such is her meticulous planning.
    As expressed by the author slowly the housewife has started playing two roles. She started working also. So slowly the other members in the house started helping her. Now the wife and husband have to share their responsibilities and slowly that change is coming and we are seeing in the houses.

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    Yes, we see a change. Earlier not many women were found to be working outside, they were mostly homemakers and had to manage everything to run the home smoothly. From making the breakfast of the school going kid to prepare the dinner for the family, she had to maintain the time accurately. If she's late in any of the job it had a cascading effect on everything.

    Now many women are working and do not have enough time to mange the household chores. In many homes the servants are managing the show and there are even many cases where they are unable to recruit servants because of mismatch of time. Especially in those cases, the husband also shares a chunk of the household chores after returning from office.

    It's actually a very good practice because nowadays many men can cook wonderful dishes and carry out many other household activities which they never tried earlier. Housekeeping is indeed a tough job and because of this I have heard sometime ago that the government is bringing a proposal to pay remuneration to the homemakers, from their husband's salary, for carrying out the tedious tasks everyday. When all the members of the house are going out for their respective works then everybody must share the daily household chores too after returning home.


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    It is true that women are coming out of the closet and participating in outdoor activities and jobs right from sports to flying a plane.

    It is still a long way to go as every women has not got such opportunity. In the villages and towns and even in big cities there are so many women still engaged in all the work related to maintain and run a household.

    The situation is improving gradually as more and more women are getting educated and joining the various jobs in Govt as well as private enterprises.

    The role of women is changing from only housekeeping to other extrovert activities and it may enhance further in coming times.

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    The earlier trend where the women - folks were exclusively engaged in the house - hold activities has undergone slight changes and with the spread of the education, women have undertaken technical jobs, in the field of research, teachings in the schools to colleges and many more. The striking difference in their attitudes is their dedication in performance and this could be possible due to their sincerity.
    But such a transformation is still to take up places in the villages where employment - level has not increased significantly because of less openings of small or cottage industries. A serious approach in this direction is required so that uniformity in the growth even in the rural sector is seen.

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