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    How much real are the reality shows on tv?

    These days reality shows are very popular. On every channel, one can see them. Shows like big boss, India got talent, sare ga ma, Indian idol are very famous among tge audience and are liked by many of us. But do you think they are really real? I don't think say they have just named reality shows and from any angle, they look real. I don't like them as reality shows or sas bahu serials are very common and have to watch them even don't like them. What about you, so you like them?
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    I am also of the same opinion. They named these shows as reality shows. But I don't think they give any feeling of reality. Many of these shows not only in Hindi but also in other languages never leave any such impressions. I rarely watch TV shows. Some music based shows I may be watching. I never saw so far any serials in any language. Only during my younger days Sree Krishna I watched. I am very much interested in Movies. I watch these movies regularly not on TV but in theatres. In our house in a day, the TV will be on for not more than an hour.
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    The basic aim of reality shows in TV is to somehow attract the attention of the viewers and increase the TRP of the channel. To some extent these channels are successful in their intended purposes.

    Some of these programs are addictive in nature and people are glued to them on the cost of their precious time. I remember during 1990-93, there was a Mexican soap opera 'No one but you' which was dubbed in hindi and was transmitted by Doordarshan (DD national channel) 4 days a week. It was so addictive that I used to get that recorded by my family members and used to see it in the late evening after coming from the office. It was so much in the routine that I could not imagine to miss it.

    Personally speaking presently I am not interested in these shows primarily because I can not give so much time regularly to them.

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    There are many behind-the-scene dramas , negotiations and transactions in these reality shows, some of which come in front of spectators at a much later stage. These shows can't be called reality show anymore.
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    Ha, ha, ha, a very good question. Why I am laughing you know? They are named as reality shows but not a live telecast. Before broadcasting, all of the shows are edited and then shown to the audience. Reality means what is happening in real life and the shows have a script too. In that sense as long as something is not shown live you may not feel it as real. But it is called a reality show because the stories are based on real life incidents.

    I am not fond of watching serial shows but earlier used to see some serial shows whose stories were funny and shown to the audience for comic relief. I find the musical shows like Sa Re Ga Ma very interesting and used to watch a Bengali version of the same type in one of the local channels. Nowadays, I rarely watch television programs and in my home also nobody watches television for a long time.


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