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    Claim the cost of coffee in case of delayed flight

    Generally, it has been observed that when a flight gets delayed, the passengers spend their time in a book-shop or in a coffee-shop inside the airport. Considering the fact that the cost of coffee and food inside the airport is very expensive, an insurance company has decided to cover the coffee cost in case of flight delay.

    Digit Insurance is providing low-cost microinsurance products which include a cover for flight delays of one hour or more, for a very small premium. If a flier covered by the insurance of this company, gets affected by the delay, he/she can claim coffee expenses amounting to Rs. 1000/-.

    To claim the amount, the insured flier has to simply click a link and upload the image of the boarding pass. There is no other formality involved. The amount can be claimed if the delay is one hour or more.

    So, Members! Please mentally note this information and claim the cost of coffee if your next flight is delayed.
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    This is a very good news.I never know about this insurance. Is this insurance a part of the ticket cost or we have to take it separately. If we have to take it separately what is the procedure. Can we do it online. If so what is the website. I request the author to give this information also if it is available with him. Is this insurance applicable to domestic and international flights also. Is it applicable to all private flights also? I thank the author for the information.
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    No, Dr. Rao. You have to take this insurance separately from the insurance company. This cover is not included in the ticket. But the premium is very nominal. The details can be obtained from the website of the insurance company (
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    Thank you for the information. I will see the details in that website.
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    Good initiative by the insurance company. But what will happen if they include it in the ticket if the insurance premium is little? I remember in Rajasthan roadways they use to charge 1 Rs which was included in the fare for the name of insurance and that is okay as 1 Rs is not a very big sum.

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    The total mistake is in our side only as everybody concentrating their business only over the humanity or courtesy. Only some people are there doing business with courtesy and humanity.
    In Kovilpatti, a small city in Tamilnadu a man running a hotel on the main road. He asks every customer who parks their vehicles in front of their hotel first to relax themselves by showing restroom and wash basin. Then only the servers asks for order.
    I went to Srirangam, Tamilnadu to a lodge where I booked room over phone earlier. The train went late but on reaching the lodge the owner asked me to finish my dinner first in the nearby hotel as it took late night and then asked me to fill the formalities.
    Recently in Nagpur I took my lunch in a Hotel at sitabuldi, and when asked for some rotis and side dish for night travel, the server himself suggested me some ghee layered roties and fried potatoes as it lost for hours.

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    Although this can be referred to as a good update that the companies are now taking care of & that which has been on book or record only are happening on the practical & therefore we got a news to celebrate here. This could be because of the increasing competition & increased customer awareness that the customer would now be experiencing something good which I tried to explain in one of my articles with the below link,

    Tips to increase customer service role

    Let's hope that the services of which we have been dreamed of in our country would soon be available to each one of us.

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    Well, when the cost of that insurance is very low, I hope many will register for the plans. For any business to succeed, customer service is the key and in our country it lacks in few cases. Long distance trains are delayed in many cases but people are not compensated.

    For any delay, be it in flight, train or bus there is no compensation for the time lost and we all are used to it. I thank the author for sharing this news and hope if this insurance becomes popular then many service providers will consider time to be an important factor which till now is not of much importance to many.


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    An interesting piece of information by the author for the air travellers.

    I remember earlier, when there was a delay the airlines were providing some snacks and tea or coffee coupons to the passengers which they could exchange for those goodies at select counters in the airport. Some of the airlines even provided lunch or dinner in case of considerable delays.

    At that time the concept of dynamic fare was not there. After the inception of dynamic fares, which gave the traveller to book tickets at significantly low prices if booking is done in quite in advance, these facilities were withdrawn.

    So now, some private insurance company after seeing the statistical data of airlines delay might have calculated and seen the element of business in this deal. If airlines run punctually then definitely this company can be benefited. They can also tie up with the airlines to include it as an option at the time of booking.

    Railway has already done this type of insurance addition in their tickets by providing it free to the customer.

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    This is a very unique idea of insurance for the delay in the flights. If the premium is less many people will opt for it as the compensation being given is also high - Rs 1000 per occasion. How the company will manage with such low premium is also to be seen in long run.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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