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    What is your least explored Section/Sub-section in ISC?

    Whenever we open the ISC site, we find six broad Sections. These are Forum, Articles, Ask Experts, Exams, Education and More. In the last three Sections, there are several Sub-sections. As for example, in the Section titled 'More', there is a prominent Sub-section titled 'Jobs'. Generally, we go those Sections/Sub-sections where we contribute more. I go to Forum Section most of the time. Thereafter, I visit Ask Experts Section, Articles Section and My India Sub-section (in 'More' Section), because I contribute in these Sections/Sub-section only. Some Members always visit Jobs Sub-section, because they contribute only in that Sub-section. Similarly, some other Members frequently visit different Sub-sections in Education Section, whereas I hardly visit this Section.

    I feel I don't have a complete idea about this vast ISC ocean. I hardly visit Exams Section or Education Section. I would like to know from other regular Members which are their least explored Sections or Sub-sections. I would also like to know from other Members which (neglected) Section should I visit more frequently in future.

    This question is only out of curiosity.
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    I have been into the "FORUM" section since the time I joined this site & still this remained my favorite one as I have understood the terms & conditions here. Other than this the "Article" & "Ask Expert" sections I have gone through but not much executed. Hoping that sooner the ban would be lifted form the "Articles" section & I will have something extra to contribute.

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    "I would also like to know from other Members which (neglected) Section should I visit more frequently in future."
    Answer: This one.

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    There are many sections in ISC and the members visit them depending upon their interests. That way this portal has something to offer for everyone.

    I am confined to forum, ask expert, resource response, my India and various contests announced time to time. Sometimes I am trying to contribute in job posting and article section also though not in a big way.

    I am least involved in other sections like school, exam, test papers, question papers etc.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I visit regularly forum section, Ask Expert section and Article sections. I contribute some articles and I post responses to articles written by some authors. Generally I am not visiting the other sections.
    A very few times I may be visiting job sections and My India sections. I have not seen the other sections so far. Anyhow all sections of this site is useful and as required people will be visiting the sections.

    always confident

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    Jobs Sub-section is the most neglected Sub-section for me although many Members and visitors find this Sub-section very important.

    Thanks go to the ME for pointing out the link which I always neglect. I am trying to learn the directions by heart and use these as and when opportunities come.

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    Partha, that was the delectable entrée only.

    I would definitely suggest as the main course to focus on articles if you are thinking in terms of not just good cc but also AdSense earnings. For the latter, though, you could come up with topics which would fetch regular readership and thereby long-term traffic. Submitting in varied categories will make it a pleasurable many-course meal. Also, as a side-dish to updates, you could focus more on enjoying these in the school and college sections and much fewer in the My India section because it is the former which fetches very good traffic. Job posts do earn good AdSense revenue, but only a few of them may and, those too, mostly for the short term. So these could be had as condiments, perhaps. The best dessert would be the aptitude tests in the Practice Test section. Has anyone attempted the questions? Do try them. It is fun to test your general knowledge, especially! At one time I used to do them regularly in my initial years, but over the years due to growing responsibilities taking up much of my time, that opportunity somehow does not come up now.

    Looking beyond contributions and just browsing the eclectic, fascinating menu of ISC, English section is a wonderful place to know about unique idioms, understanding the subtleties of punctuation, picking up new vocabulary, learning the format of a letter, etc.

    Seriously, ISC sections are not just parts of a menu but a whole encyclopedia of learning combined with fun and, of course, earnings - multiple times over!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I have been a regular member here and like to spend my most of the time on the forum. Whereas i sometime write my answers in "ask experts". Also, a few days back started writing in an article section. I have not tried other sections but have seen few people keep themselves busy in writing in other sections like job, information etc. For me, job section is the least explored section.

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    There are many sections here but so far I have been active only in article, ask expert and forum sections. Occasionally I have contributed in my India section also but not much there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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