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    Is it required to reimburse the Tuition fee for the studies in Private colleges by the government?

    On one side, we discuss about promoting private aided institutions and corporate education. But many of us are disinclined to send our children to Govt. schools and colleges where the quality of teaching and infrastructure is assumed to be very marginal. Added to this, the growing competition to secure a seat in professional institutes is another factor to opt for a good school from the secondary level itself.

    The Central government extends the benefit of reimbursing the Tuition fee/Children's educational Allowance limited to 25000 p.a per child upto 12th standard and many other State Governments are also following the same practice. Then, why not there should be an over-riding condition that the child should study in a Govt. school/college only? Is it required to allow the reimbursement for those putting their wards in Private/corporate institutions?
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    I agree with the author. I also feel that fee reimbursement for the students studying in private institutions is never advisable. The governments are spending a lot of money on education. They are appointing many qualified teachers and providing infrastructure. Why the government should not insist for quality education in schools? Spending money for salaries and other facilities and again spending money on reimbursement of fee to the students studying in private schools will become very big burden to the government.
    By improving the quality of education in government schoools and applying a rule that scholarships and other financial benefits will be extended to those students who study in government institutions is very much required.

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    The private educational institutions are mushrooming everywhere and people are sending their children to them happily. The main reason is the deteriorating educational standards in the Govt colleges barring a few of them which are still running professionally.

    In such a situation the reimbursement of tuition fee should be only applicable to those students who are studying in Govt schools or colleges. By passing this benefit to the private schools we are discouraging the parents for sending their wards to Govt schools.

    At the same time there is a dire need to improve the Govt educational institutions otherwise the private lobby will slowly take over and after some time the Govt institutions will have to be closed for want of students.

    There has been a phenomenal change in the syllabus of all the streams and it is going to be more in coming times as new technologies and methodologies are at the anvil and old fashioned teachers in Govt schools or colleges will not be able to do justice with their duties of teaching the students in an effective manner.

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    Only in government institutions we will find qualified teachers. In private institutions we will see many untrained and under qualified teachers working for less salaries. But as the private management wants good result they will put more pressure on the students and they will load teachers with more work. They conduct exams at regular intervals and if any students are not upto expectations they will appoint some teaching assistants to see that these students will concentrate more. This exercise is not being followed in government institutions. A strict supervision and responsibilities to the teaching staff are the need of the hour to improve standards in government schools.
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    I think that reimbursement of tuition fee should be only to poor or lower income group. It should not be related to the type of institution like Govt or private.
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    We dont send our kids to the government schools as the infrastructure and education level is lower than private schools whereas the government is trying hard to make government schools equal to private schools still many things have to be done.

    Whereas it's not the case with government colleges they are far better than the private colleges in terms of facility and faculty.

    Tuition fees for students studying in private college need to be reimbursed as their fee is very high as compared to the fee of government colleges. But that's not possible for the government to do that in such case government should give scholarships to the meritorious students and the students which come from the weak economic background so that the onus of fee from tge students can be reduced.


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    I agree with you if you are talking about schools. But when it comes to universities or colleges, we all know how hard it is to get into government institutions. And when we admit ourselves in private institutions we are charged with an enormous fee structure. I am glad I get 35,000 from Telangana government. I wouldn't be able to pursue engineering otherwise. And so will be the fate of countless other students.

    It's not that we don't want to study in a government college but the exams are too tough to crack. So here we are in private colleges surviving on reimbursement.

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