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    Have you ever heard of a peculiar tradition like this one?

    Today is the Kartik Puja, which is organized at individual homes in West Bengal. It's not that popular and there is no official holiday on this occasion, but there is a peculiar tradition associated with the Puja. Neighbours silently keep the idol of Kartik in front of the doorstep of a selected household at the dead of the night before the Puja and the next morning when that house owners find the idol they have to worship it. This is going on for a long time and many people are unnecessary harassed by the neighbours.

    At times, the neighbours indulge in these activities out of fun but the consequence has to be borne by the people of the household who find the idol in front of their doorstep. There are various traditions in different parts of the country related to different religions and beliefs, but this peculiar tradition of forcing someone to worship a God is really strange. Members, do you know about any strange tradition like this in your locality and if it is there I hope there is little we can do to stop it.
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    I have no idea about a tradition like this. Karthik month is treated as very auspicious month. Some people will not eat anything during day time whole month and eat after seeing a star in the sky. Some people get up early in the morning before Sunrise. They will have normal water bath and then perform pooja. This total activity is to be completed before Sunrise.
    Many special worship programs will be there during this month.

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    After reading this post, I remembered about this peculiar tradition. Thanks to the author for reminding me about this tradition in Bengal. Is it still being followed?
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    #653154, @ Mr. Partha, it is still followed in this part. Today morning I heard from one of my associates that some neighbours had done the same thing in a locality at a distant village where his friend resides.

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    Very interesting but strange religious tradition being followed in this part of our country. I was not aware of such a thing.

    Earlier, human settlements were having a closed social structure and the religious practices evolved in that culture and situation were perfectly right in that circumstances.

    Due to advent in civilization and industrial growth accompanied with educational, technological and scientific progress the society started moving towards openness and cosmopolitan culture. So many of such rituals or practices were abandoned with time.

    However, there are still many of them surviving in communities in various parts of the world and gradually these will also fade away with time.

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    No, i have not seen such tradition. But that's not a good way to force someone to worship. I have seen a tradition in Mathura on the festival of Holi when ladies beat men with a wooden stick and this is a tradition which is being followed from years. It's very strange as sometimes people get injured badly after being beaten by the women.

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    People may not accept this type of forcing traditions so these things will I think be eventually out of our society. In modern societies no neighbour will tolerate this type of forcing things from the fellow residents in the area.
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    I doubt whether it is a tradition as such. In all probability what we see today must be a distorted development of an earlier practice. In the earlier days, people must have been keeping such idols at the door front so that the neighbors feel blessed on seeing the good omen on an auspicious day. These people must have started taking the idol to their homes for offering pujas or worshipping keeping in mind the sanctity. And this practice might have slowly evolved as a tradition and now you see people misusing the same. I think we should do away with such traditions. Take home the idol and keeping it as a showpiece or at the most, in your puja room. There are so many such traditions and practices that have been distorted with the passage of time and we should slowly start shedding our inhibitions and do away with them gradually.
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    This actually sounds fun. I am glad that the country I live in consists of traditions like these. It's Indian equivalent of Christmas right? Instead of getting a wrapped gift at your door you get an idol. And you have to worship it. I really wish something funny like this happens in Hyderabad too.
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