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    And they are complaining about anything!

    Most of the political parties and the representatives of different NGOs in India are complaining that every institutional body including the CBI & RBI has been hijacked and continues to bad mouth the present Modi led NDA government. The cheap stunt has been extended to saying that even the democracy has been lost in our nation.

    Since the inception of the Modi led NDA government they have criticized this government without acknowledging the initiatives or debating on the factual basis. Many times even in ISC, many have criticized this government but when asked what would have been their course of action, than they didn't have any answer or left the discussion saying that it's their perception only. Out of more than seventy years of our independence, for more than 42 years the Congress party has ruled the nation and even in the later part, the Congress party ruled the nation through alliance partnerships but still, they blame the NDA government.

    What's gone wrong with us? If we want to improve the things then why only limiting ourselves to criticizing the government?
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    Making comments for political gains and criticizing the current Govt is not only a cheap tactics but it will not be bringing in any gain for such people as the educated masses as well as the labor class have now got some taste and understanding of a good governance.

    No Govt can change the country until the people are ready to change and cooperate with an honest regime. To defame is always easier than to cooperate.

    No institution is beyond the Govt. If there is some malfunctioning it will come to light soon. The Govt officials feel their selves elevated by giving some misleading or unrelated statement in the media. Probably they do not know that media is making a fool of them by increasing their own channel TRP behind which enough commercial sense exists.

    As a citizen we also have enough common sense to understand the things and what is happening in camera.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well, there are few reasons for that. First of all after a long time the BJP came to power on its own by winning the required number of seats alone. There are only a few allies in the NDA fold this time and the rest of the parties are seating in the opposition bench. How long those parties can stay out of power since most of the parties became coalition partners in the previous few governments?

    In a democracy the ultimate decision about government formation is pronounced by the voters and the next government will form according to the choice of the majority. For the sake of debate we can debate about the functioning of the government in any platform. There will be supporters of those policies and oppositions too.

    During election time there will be rhetoric from both the ruling and opposition camps and the citizens will decide their choices while voting. The intolerance about anything is going stronger and the same is visible in the political arena. To analyze any situation this intolerance need to stop and then only the original growth will be visible.


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    It is not a new thing. Opposition parties will always search some point or issue to create inconvenience and embarrassment for the ruling party.

    It is easy to find fault and criticise the Govt actions but the reality is only known when one comes to the power and not able to decide how to solve such problems in our country.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Criticising government is not new it happens with every government. When any work government does is not liked by us we criticise the government for it and that's normal as in our daily life also we do the same thing, the person if does anything which we dont like we start criticising him.

    There are lots of followers of Congress party in our country so for them, anything done by bjp is not liked. As per me this government is good and is doing well.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
    – Mark Twain

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    In the meantime, the medias & the leftists are more than satisfied with the administration in the state of Karnataka, Punjab & Kerala. The good news is that the same two entities including the other political parties are seem ok with the Electronic Voting Machines in Karnataka wherein the ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka today won 4 out of 5 seats during the by-elections, because the BJP lost or else the forces were coming together in favor of Ballot voting.

    Why are we continue to prove ourselves as otherwise & do we have understanding on this?

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    Ved Prakash, you have brought up this thread as if you are bringing up some unheard topic. There is no point in feeling agitated or irritated because this has been a practice since long. Political parties criticize the ruling front when they are in the opposition and the ruling front also criticize the opposition on different counts. I agree with you that the criticism should be constructive and should not go to the extent when each and every move by a government is criticized. The point regarding CBI and RBI in the context of the present situation has been discussed in this forum in detail and we have come to our own conclusions. You have vehemently opposed the present criticism as if the BJP and Shri Modi have never (or are now) resorted to such practices. Political parties resort to such tactics, especially when elections are foreseen, but it is for us to take a balanced view instead of being blindly biased so that our votes go to the right persons.
    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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    It is a normal practice that the ruling party will be getting criticised by opposition parties. They will try to bring a bad name to the ruling party. They think they will win the elections if they do that. These are all perceptions only. The voters ina democratic country are the final authority. Their vote will be decided who will form the next government. Almost all the people will be having a liking for one or the other party. They will always support the party to which they have the affiliations.
    The problem starts with the concept that everyone in politics wants to have power. With power only they think that they can get rich. They never bother about the people and their welfare, So I feel this will continue in our country. Only Voters should understand the issues properly and take a decision based on the performance and reputation of a particular party rather than going by caste, creed and religion,

    always confident

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    #653219 / Saji Ganesh, don't we feel that we never had such cheap practices that every institution of our nation including the Jurisdiction & army have been interfered with & shown as the cheapest entities? We are selective because our business hurt or grow & not considering the nation as a whole is a grave concern.

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    It is the duty of the opposition parties to criticize the wrong policies of the Government and support the correct policies. But when the opposition parties attack the edifice of governance, then common people must take note. One example would be sufficient. Very recently Andhra Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have withdrawn permission to CBI to investigate corrupt MPs from these two states. This is an indirect encouragement to corruption and striking a blow to the federal institutions.
    Should we tolerate such activities in the name of criticism?

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    #653241 / Partha K, the sad part is that the major section of the political parties & Leftists are defending such moves & justifying as this has been headed & controlled by the Central government.

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    Mr. Anand: This is simply because they are least bothered about India's identity and progress. They are not at all concerned about corruption.
    So, I feel, Indian voters should also be least concerned about these parties and leaders.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Don't we need to think and try to understand why the CBI and RBI issues came up? It never happened before because no other government tried to bring in politics into these autonomous bodies the way in which the present government tried. Criticism need not always be hundred percent factual or correct but at the same time, there will not be a criticism without any (any) reason too.
    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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    In context to CBI, the top two members got involved in a conflict & so temporarily they were sent on leave & in replacement one temporary Director has been set-up to be continued till the conflict gets resolved. This very fact has been mutilated & presented in varied ways by the different political parties & media persons more specifically by the Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

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