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    Sometimes technology and machines get misused to avoid things and hide mistakes

    Technology and machines have invaded our life to the extent of making us dependent on them. They have made life convenient for us but at the same time, they have their limitations. They can malfunction at any time and we cannot question them as to why it happened, and we have to live with it. After all, they are machines and technology is bound to behave erratically at times.

    But the fact is that in this machine age many people are smart enough to take unfair advantage of limitations of technology and machines to avoid things, situations and to cover their mistakes. It is sometimes common to see people blaming machine and technology to hide their negligence, failure, mistakes, and failure to do things on time. To add to this at times people also misuse it to avoid things or situations which they do not like.

    For example, when the manager asks an employee that why the report was not emailed to him on time an employee sometimes may give an excuse that his email account had a problem just to hide his mistake. Many similar excuses are common like PC was giving problems etc. In daily life sometimes if people give reasons like his phone was not reachable if they want to avoid talking to someone. Nobody can question these excuses as they cannot question technology.

    When things were done manually by people themselves without much use of machines and technology it was not possible to give such excuses and people had to make themselves accountable for their mistakes.

    Probably one drawback of this technology era is that people sometimes misuse it to avoid things and hide their mistakes.
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    People who are not serious in their work will do like that. Earlier they were giving different types of excuses. Now they are blaming the modern gadgets and machines. These lazy people will search all types of excuses to avoid the work.
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    This depends on the individual and varies also from individual to individual.

    There are some people who want to avoid work and they will go to any extent to achieve it. Long back, I remember, when I went for some Railway reservation, the booking clerk told me that the reservation register was under some checking and only after 2-3 hours it will be possible to do my reservation. At that time reservation was done manually by entering in a big register, the date, train number and names of passengers and the berth number was mentioned on the back of the printed ticket. I did not understand what he meant but when I again went there after 3 hours he did my work. Later someone told me that was only an excuse as the clerk had to go out for some work and as the booking office was very small there was none to take care in his absence so he told us such things time to time.

    So people take such excuses and it is much easier to do that in this machine age as you can always say that computer is down or server is down or network is down.

    So problem is the attitude and lack of sincerity in the people who are resorting to such tactics.

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    It happens because we are too much dependent on the machines these days. I remember when once i was travelling by DMRC (Delhi Metro) and suddenly the metro broke down in between two stations and we were not able to get out of it. The metro stood there for an hour and i know how i spent that one hour. That was very annoying but nothing could not be done as metro has automatic doors which could not open due to break down. We all prefer travelling through metro to avoid traffic jam but that day was bad as we stuck for an hour and wasted our time.

    This happens as machines too have drawbacks. Similarly, sometimes it happens when the car breaks down at a place where we dont have any repairing shop. It has happened with me several times and that was a nightmare.


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    Any machine may mall function at any time. The reason may be poor maintenance or improper manufacturing or over usage. So we may face some problem sometime in finishing the assignment given to us in time. But it should not be taken as an excuse for delaying our work. We all should have a fall back arrangement. If the internet is not working we have data and hotspot for getting used. Similarly, we should think of an alternative way of finishing our work if there is a problem with the machine. If a machine fails we should be able to complete the work manually. We should not blame the machinery. But this machinery is coming in handy for many people to avoid working and completing the task.
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    As said in the above responses, people who want to will always try to find excuses for not completing a work or for a mistake committed by them. But a point I would like to highlight in connection with what the author has stated is that blaming a technical error or a mechanical fault is always a better and safe option because the person cannot be held responsible as such. The network not being connected or being slow, the PC not responding or anything like that cannot make one as liable as it would have been if the same was due to a manual error or negligence. But technical people working with the aid or on machines must have been enjoying this pleasure for a long time. An angry or irritated driver who says the brakes of the vehicle is not functioning is, I feel, an evergreen example of such an excuse that has been depicted in many movies and other works of art.
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