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    Senior citizens and Smartphones

    We often talk of the generation gap and elder people telling their children that things were better in their time and everything has worsened in current time. Such perception is common among senior citizens when they see the current generation.

    But one thing which really deserves appreciation is the manner in which senior citizens have adapted themselves to smartphones and social media. Nowadays it is common to see a group of senior citizens sitting in community park with their smartphones, showing each other WhatsApp/facebook messages and images, jokes and discussing them. They also freely share messages and photos of each other, see online videos and keep themselves busy and entertained. They have really adapted well to the new generation in this regard.

    Again this is my personal opinion and I do not want to offend anyone but I would like to say that in past when smartphones and social media boom was not present senior citizens normally spent their free time by things like prayers, bhajans, pooja, having discussion within their friend circle, going to temple, reading holy books etc. This was really a good thing. But with smartphones, these things have diluted to some extent as far as I feel though it may not be the case with everyone.

    I feel that it is good that many of our senior citizens have also become internet and smartphone savvy but at the same time, it would also be nice if they keep themselves involved in other activities mentioned above which they used to do when smartphones were not there. This would be a perfect combination.
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    The author has presented the thread in a very elaborate manner about how the seniors have comfortably adapted the new technology in spite of the big gap between them and the technology.

    I have observed that not all the seniors are lucky in this respect as many are still in their earlier phase as due to many reasons they could not cope up with this learning.

    The luckier ones are reaping the benefits and feeling their selves in the main stream of today's world.

    In our housing complex we have a whatsapp group of seniors and whenever their is a function or gathering or lecture or thing like that somewhere, all the members get information quickly and join it if they wish so.

    So definitely they are reaping the benefits of this technology.

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    Yes, that's true senior citizens now days engage themselves in smartphones. I remember my father who didn't buy a smartphone as he was not ready to adapt himself with the latest technology maybe he was afraid how is he going to use it. But when he bought it he used it perfectly without taking help of anyone.

    That's true with the introduction of smartphones people have stopped other things which they used to do in the past as now they spend most of their time with smartphones but that's okay because it's better for a senior citizen as because of it they sit at home most of the time. I am happy to see my father as most of the time he sits at home reading news on phone, sharing what's app messages,


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    Some of the seniors have really learned these gadgets very proficiently. They are even doing some personal jobs like banking and online payments also through them. I think there will be not many like that. Many of them are still not comfortable with these hi-tech things.
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    True. Not too far in past no senior member of my family had a smart phone. But now almost everyone does. The reason they hesitated is pretty simple. They can't apply such dexterity with keyboards of smartphones. What brought this change now? Voice search and speech-to-type features of apps. Those are just brilliant. My dad has a lot of trouble typing . He uses speak to search options. I hope more and more people use this feature.
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    My personal opinion is that irrespective of what our age is, it would be better if we maintain a balance. Adapting to smartphones and engaging themselves with the social media etc is fine and is in a way the need of the hour. But just as we expect the youngsters to restrict their use of such facilities, I think the elders too should find time to chat (not on phone) with their friends by meeting them at a commonplace, going for a walk and also visiting temples, churches etc. I have always maintained that excessive or unlimited use of such gadgets and facilities have shrunk our world; we are connected but have at the same time sort of withdrawn too much into ourselves. That, I feel, is a development that will have a negative impact on our relations and society as a whole.
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    #653216 yes Saji that's a problem that people engage themselves so much in these gadgets that they forget the world and think the smartphone to be the only word.

    I remember once i went to my brother's in-laws home and found her mother in law did not interact with us much but was busy all the time on her phone. She was doing something on the phone and was hiding it from us but my daughter saw what she was doing, she was playing a game on the phone. I was shocked to see her as she chose to play on the phone more than talking with us. When i complained this to my brother he said she does it, she plays whole night on phone and sleeps in the day.

    That's strange as she is addicted to phone and they cant do anything as she doesn't listen to them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    These days people of all ages are getting attached to smartphones. My mother is of 80 years. She uses a smartphone for posting posts on Facebook, send messages in WhatsApp and she knows all the apps and how to use them. She may be spending daily 3 to 4 hours on the smartphone. Like this, I have seen many people.
    Nothing wrong in getting updated with the latest technological advances. But getting addicted to them is a mistake. As mentioned by the author earlier days aged people were spending more time spiritually. They are spending time reading devotional books etc. But these days that practice has come down a little extent.

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    I am in agreement with author's opinion but generalizing this wouldn't be correct altogether. There has been mixed kind of experience & the best way to compare is to assume this in connection with the elders which live with us. In context to me, my mother don't even prefer to carry the mobile & my father is not efficient enough to grasp the concept easily & usually taking time to get adapted to new applications but more or less is well aware of the programs that he finds useful & can manage well. He most often interested onto the WhatsApp wherein we share with the family's updates which is most common to any of us.

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    A good thread by the author, where the latest craze of smartphone has been analyzed in a practical way. There are many senior citizens who are tech savvy and try to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. There are many seniors too who do not feel comfortable to use these smart devices and carry on with the old methods of communication.

    There are many reasons behind it. Those who think they are too old to learn anything new, they do not use those gadgets and those who think otherwise use technologies to their suitability. One reason of overuse and addiction to smart devices is craze. Since it is comparatively new, people of all age groups are finding it interesting and developed a craze for it. I think, with time this craze will go and people will maintain a balance to use technology and carry out their other regular activities.


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