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    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

    It's very sad people try to mend things by applying the same things to all. We have a boss who always shouts to increase productivity with the intensity to tge worker as well as to the engineer. It's really pathetic to see him when he shouts so loudly.

    Few people think that they can make people work efficiently by scolding or shouting at them but they are wrong. It that has been the case then why would the theory like "motivation" was developed.

    What do you feel? Does a problem has only one solution?.
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    It is human nature to get threatened by higher ups as they can always do harm to you. Some seniors take advantage of this and get work done by shouting. I think such tactics may not work for long as people start reacting to such measures and one day the senior also realises it.
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    These days scolding, shouting and pressurising tactics will not work on the people. They may backfire on us. The best way is to mentor the person so that he will do his best. Motivation is also very important. A motivated person will give you double the output than a normal person. Of course, sometimes shouting is also come in handy. So one should have a stick in his hand but use it very rarely is the correct adoptable way to the bosses to get the work done by the people in time and as expected.
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    The title of the thread says everything in itself but even knowing this we can't get rid of this but to admit & face it in the best way possible because every human being are smart enough to not to understand it.

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    Some people take work by building teams and motivate them to perform better. They also guide them time to time. Such people are the real leaders and they are the real gems of an organisation and the growth of the organisation depends upon these stalwarts.

    Then there are others who do not have these qualities but they know that everything is possible with banging and people will obey under pressure. This technique works for sometime only and is not a long time solution to get the work done by subordinates.

    One should try the first approach if given a chance to lead a group.

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    People who find everything to be a nail and like to hammer it forgets that nail does not only fix things but punctures too. So, it is good to use very judiciously.

    Sometimes hammering becomes very important to put the things on the right track but definitely, not always. There are pros and cons to all actions, so it depends upon the situation. Too much of everything leads to some complication. Thus it is good to know what to use and also how much of it for a fruitful result.


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    In real life, a problem has many solutions. But we have to choose the best, most convenient, cost-effective and time-saving solution. Further, managing people is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Shouting at subordinates doesn't provide any solution.
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