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    What do you do when you have nothing to say?.

    It happens sometimes we are so upset in life we dont wish to talk to others. What do you do at that time? Do you listen to what others say and neglect or do you ask them to shut up or do you isolate yourself from others? I am sort of a person i let them say and ignore what they said.

    And there are times when you listen and dont have anything to say. What do you do? Do you keep quiet or still try to speak up? I keep myself quiet in such a situation.

    In my opinion, we should speak until and unless its essential, being talkative is a drawback at times. I have seen people in life they keep on talking without thinking that what they mean. Such people are not liked by people.

    I have the policy to speak less and listen more as by listening to we learn. What's your opinion?.
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    Well, unnecessary talk has to be avoided. Some people like to talk about everything, they will take part in any kind of discussion and will successfully win the argument because they are intelligent and smart. There are also some people who like to display their knowledge by talking on almost all the topics, but cannot explain any of the topics correctly. These types of people have the habit of talking continuously, which at times may become irritating. Generally, people try to avoid these people.

    We become upset at times because of various reasons and different people react differently at these situations. It is always better to be calm and try to find out the reason behind the source that makes you upset. It is a good idea not to talk to others when you are upset if you display any aggressive behaviour during that moment. When you are upset sit quietly and close your eyes for quite sometime. It will help you to relax.

    Listening carefully to others is very important and many times there is a misunderstanding between people because they start to act without listening completely. We should practice to listen carefully and then only our replies will be informative.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    An interesting issue raised by the author for everyone to introspect oneself and find out when to talk and when to listen.

    Talking is a great activity if it is about a particular subject and communicating information and knowledge between people. It then becomes a creative group activity.

    Talking just for the sake of it or passing time and forgetting what we talked during those hours is simply a wastage of time as well as reducing ones detection and logical powers. Frankly speaking we should avoid such situations and rather keep to ourselves during that time.

    Listening is sometimes better than talking because you can learn many new things by serious listening.

    Wasting time in worthless and meaningless talks which many times end in bitterness is a mistake many of us commit time to time but it will be wiser to refrain from those indulgences.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When I have nothing to say whether is is a set back or agony of depressed moods, I will prefer to go for a stroll alone or read a book in a cool and peaceful place.

    Sometimes we have to be alone to overcome the low phases in our life. We can always share with friends later at an opportune time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    My practice is to go and get diverted from the subject which made me get upset. I will not talk to anybody. SImply I will leave the place and go to a lonely place and start reading some book or so that my mind will get fresh.
    If somebody is telling something, I will try to understand the issue and I may not reply back or talk about anything. I will try to keep silent.
    If the topic is related to a subject known to me, I will try to add my inputs and try to correct the other person if he is going wrong. Otherwise, I will keep silent only.

    always confident

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    It is always better to speak only when you need to and is sure that you need to speak. Listening is absolutely necessary because your decision on whether to talk or not depends a lot on how you listen. Listening to someone is again different from how and what you comprehend from what he is saying. So, listen, think and talk is a policy I generally follow. But then there may be situations when your silence can speak more; it may mean that you are maintaining deliberate silence either because you do not agree or does not want to argue or it may also mean that you are clueless or do not hold a clear view about a particular topic. In such situations you need to decide which would be better; to talk or to remain silent. To be frank, I doubt whether we can have fixed notions in this kind of issues. It can vary depending on the circumstances, the topic that is being discussed and also the group in which you are among many other factors.
    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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    We simply mind our own businesses & that's it & during this if we feel its good for us to talk then pl. go ahead or else we are required to shut our mouth & observe. More often we are strived for our miseries & therefore it is advised to ponder appropriately before opening our mouth or taking actions because one day we would be the one who is going to face the consequences.

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    I do meaninglessly speak when I am with my family and in a very relaxed mood. It changes when there is a hot discussion. I prefer to listen and then react.
    I consider myself to be a very understanding person and believe in communicating very openly with people. If I really get angry, then I usually try to keep quiet. At times I lose my patience and become very determined to speak my mind which the other person may not like. It becomes difficult to keep myself under check, but generally, I manage to control myself.
    I feel it is always better to hear the other person and then give an opinion, or else there can arise some useless confrontation.


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