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    Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game.

    This is related to the people who think animals dont have feelings and let them suffer. Most of us dont care about animals and leave them on their fate. We believe stray dogs and cats are born to get killed by a vehicle. We dont care much to see back an animal being hit by our car or a bike.

    I remember a few years back a puppy got killed when my brother was parking his car. It was wriggling on the road in pain. My brother was looking at it but could not do anything. He tried to search the phone number of an animal activist but could not get it and it died on the road.

    It's harsh that people hunt them for their skin, teeth and many more thing which are used for making useful things for us but we never think they like us feel pain. It's really sad that we dont care about them. The way we kill animals if we kill human beings at the same rate then within a few days all our population will get finished.

    Being the most intelligent creature on the earth we must take responsibility for other creatures too and should think for them. Do you feel sad when you a bullock cart driver hits the horse/Ox brutally? Isn't it our responsibility to stop him? Don't you think there should be some law to prevent unnecessary hitting an animal?
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    The great hunters of India never took hunting as sports. Jim Corbett, Kenneth Anderson, Buddhadev Guha, Lalji Barua have mentioned these again and again. They used to kill animals which became man-eaters or dangerous. Hunting was sports only to the Maharajas, rich people and British rulers. Nowadays, animals are being killed for commercial purposes.
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    A good thread on the need of good to treatment to animals also. The author spoke his heart out with the sympathy he has for animals. Everyone should become like that and think about the importance of animals. Otherwise, one day we will not have some of these animals on earth. Animal protection is very important. The killing of animals should be seen seriously and proper action is to be taken on the concerned. The Government is trying to take good care of these animals. But the general public is not understanding the importance of animals,
    Using animals for very hard works is also not correct. We should have some alternative arrangements for these works also.

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    This all is ok but what do you feel about what more needs to be interfered with because this is found to be everywhere wherein these are supposed to get killed or suffered for the cause of the human needs, entertainment & appetite & even for attires.

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    #653243 ved Prakash, There are many options like we should reduce eating nonvegetarian food, should think of not sacrificing animals on festivals as few religions /community do. We should stop using products which are made from the body parts of animals for which they are killed or hunted. We should stop hunting animals for our pleasure. Also, we can stop deforesting, should reduce water pollution and many more small things which may help these animals.

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    Hunting is a cruel activity. It is not a game. People are killing the animals for making money or for eating them. In fact animals are a part of our ecosystem. An animal is to be killed only when it becomes insane and attacks the human settlement.

    Some of the skins and other parts of the animals are priced very high and in that greed some poachers are illegally killing these innocent animals. It is a crime and these people should be severely punished. Recently a large number of tortoise were confiscated in one airport. These were of very costly variety and the culprits were trying to smuggle them.

    One side we have the kind hearted people who are keeping these animals as a pet in the house and other side such barbaric people are existing on this planet who are killing these animals for some money or to satisfy their hunger.

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    Hunting comes in various forms.
    1. Hunting for food.
    2. Poaching for exotic parts of animals.
    3. Hunting down the invasive species.
    4. Hunting for pleasure, aka game hunting.

    Of all these poaching is the most wicked because an entire animal is killed to obtain only a small part of its body. Gruesome techniques are applied in extracting them that amount to hellish tortures. Hunting for a prize is usually conducted when a regional species grow a lot in population. Ex: Catfish hunting in USA swamps.
    I think hunting for food and invasive species is justified as they are linked with survival.

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    It's a good thought but sadly its never possible. Its disheartening that for seeking pleasures the bigger factories have been established wherein the animals are produced & then killed. It's so inhumane but is a fact & is increasing.

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    Some people find pleasure in hunting and it is a fun activity for them. They do not know that animals also have a life and feeling like us and it is not only a criminal but cruel act to do so.

    Now a days hunting animals in jungles is prohibited by law but still there are poachers who are doing this illegal thing to make some quick money.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    #653289 Ved Prakash yes it cannot be stopped as this is need of ours but at least it can be reduced. At least the killing of endangered animals like crocodiles, tigers, hippos etc. Although these are banned still people hunt them for making money. Imagine how much pain does these elephants and hippos feel when their teeth are taken out to make valuable things for us. That's really sad we do everything for our greed.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    It is a known fact that greed is the mother of all evils. Although I am a non-vegetarian, I do not support the cruelty thrust upon animals.
    Mutton and chicken are available in the market. Legally, I can purchase whenever there is a requirement. Hunting for the sake of fun, show, or power is absolutely ridiculous.
    This issue should be handled very strictly, and legal action should be taken to stop such cruelty.
    For playing sport: sportsmanship is required which hunting does not provide, so hunting is in no way a sport.


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