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    The first elephant hospital in India

    Elephant is a well-known animal in India. It is associated with religion in this country. Even India is sometime denoted as 'elephant' to stress upon its power. But despite that, in many cases, it has been noticed that elephants, especially the domesticated elephants, are ill-treated. We also hear quite often about the death of elephants getting electrocuted or being hit by fast-moving trains.

    To treat old and injured elephants, last week, the first elephant hospital has been opened at by at Farah block's Churmura village, Mathura, by the Divisional Commissioner of Agra Division. The hospital is equipped with wireless digital X-Ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, tranquilization devices, indoor treatment facilities, etc. This hospital has been opened by Wildlife SOS, an NGO. The hospital is located very near to the elephant conservation and care centre run by the NGO.

    It is expected that some more similar hospitals in various parts of the country and the elephants will get the facilities of proper treatment.
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    It is very good to note that a hospital dedicated to the Elephant treatment is opened in India. I hope they will do a good job and see that the suffering animal will be treated properly. It is good to note that some more hospitals are also coming in the same way.
    I have a doubt. Why these elephants can't be treated in any other veterinary hospitals? Veterinary hospitals are for treating animals and the elephant is also an animal. Is there any specific reason for having a special hospital for these elephants.

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    It is a good initiative and since it's in the vicinity of the conservancy, it will be of much help when elephants need proper treatment. Elephants are badly injured at times, especially near the highways or railway crossings and it takes a lot of time to arrange for their proper treatment if there is no vet nearby.

    Actually for taking proper care of the animals, it may be useful if vet hospitals are set up near the conservancies where vet hospitals are not located nearby, throughout the country .


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    Good to see the initiative taken by NGO and hope in near future more NGOs will come up with a similar activity. Actually, this essential step as when forests are shrinking many of wild animals comes by mistake in the human occupied area and sometimes get injured through accident and in such case we need such hospitals where these injured animals can be taken care of. Not only this there are very few veterinary hospitals even the cities where the pet animals can be taken for the treatment when getting diseased. I remember we had a pet dog which was ill and we could not locate any such hospital nearby our home and finally, it died.

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    Some NGOs are really doing some remarkable things which are difficult to conceptualize in Govt set up. This is one of those feats.

    Animals are an important part of our environment and without them the greenery of Earth is lonely. Their welfare and conservation is a matter of great importance to us. Once a particular species is extinct, it can not be retrieved back.

    I think organisations having good financial conditions should extend help to such NGOs as curing and rehabilation of these animals especially the giants like elephant is a costly affair.

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    Wildlife SOS is a very reputed NGO working for wildlife conservation in India. It is expected that the hospital under this NGO will help in providing proper treatment of elephants, at least in Uttar Pradesh and its neighbouring states.
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    Very interesting news. Some NGOs are really doing a great work by helping the innocent animals in getting them cured. Pet lovers will definitely like such places where so much care is taken for the injured animals.

    I wish rich people should help these NGOs for meeting such expenses.

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