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    Happy International Men’s Day!

    Men are an important part of our society. Their contributions and sacrifices to a family and society are immeasurable. Sometimes their voices matter the most and their physical presence strengthens a surrounding in a positive way. Be it a grandfather, a father, a husband, a brother, a friend or a son, men are always forced to take up a responsibility and are expected to play an important role in their lives without any choice. A man is always a mental strength and weakness to a woman. On this special day, let us spend some time to remember, honor and recognize the contributions, sacrifices, responsibilities and the courage of a man.

    Every year our society takes a good initiative and celebrates all the women on International Women's Day which falls on 8th March, but fails to recognize the men in the world on International Men's Day which falls on 19th November. Even Google fails to set up a doodle on this day. It sounds unfair, isn't it? Let us use this ISC forum platform and celebrate Men by recording our Men's Day wishes to all the gentlemen in this world.

    Happy Men's Day!
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    Well my praise for Soundharya on this day for reminding us all of the day which almost goes unnoticed for whatsoever reasons. Every entities in the world is important in some way & has something important role to play including the smallest of the insects to the biggest of the creatures that may have existed on this planet & man is not an exception here & therefore lets come & celebrate this day with its true affection.

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    My best wishes to all on the occasion of International Men's day today. I hope that all of us will enjoy the day. Thanks to the author for her best wishes. Like a woman, a man also has too many important roles like son, father, grandfather, grandson, brother, etc. When the need comes a man has to rise to the occasion and help the family in all the ways as required. So let us not forget the importance of a Man and congratulate him on this day.
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    Although I don't understand the significance of this day, I also congratulate all men of this world on this day.
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    That was a nice gesture Soundharya. It is true that unlike so many other days that are observed, we seldom remember that this day has been dedicated to the men across the world. Let us celebrate men too because they are an integral and important part of society and has a great role to play. Happy Men's Day to all!
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    As the author has already pointed out, this day does not attract the fancy of the world as it's counter part day of the women. There could be many reasons for that but it is so.

    One of the things which come to my mind is that generally men woo the women and offer the ring. The whole world goes by that practice and women became the centre of attraction for men.

    When a celebrity actress marries a person everyone is curious to know who the person is but everyone forgets that person soon. At the same time when a celebrity actor or some other person marries an actress everyone remembers the actress.

    So the subtle and romantic feelings are only generated by the presence of women in the world. Men do not have such privileged aroma with them.

    That is the reason this day has not picked up like it's counter part.

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    This terrible response can trigger a big controversy!

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    I would like to take an opportunity on this day to wish all the men working on ISC platform, Happy International Men's Day! Though my father, uncles and a brother are no more in this world, wherever they are I would like to offer a whole lot of love to all of them on this day. Now, comes the turn of the males present in my life: the rest of the brothers, brother-in-law, husband, nephews, son and friends, a whole lot of best wishes to them on this very special day. They have always made my life very easy going and extremely special.

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    I thank the author for posting this thread and wish all the men in the ISC family Happy International Men's Day. Actually, I didn't know that today is the day and only while travelling I got to know after noticing few decorated cars with the message of International Men's Day pasted on them.

    The significance of observing a particular day can be to commemorate some special events and this one too was revived by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh in 1999, to celebrate his father's birthday as well as to memorize the winning of the Trinidad & Tobago football team in 1989 to qualify for the World Cup. This day is celebrated now to raise awareness about men's issues.

    There may be many aspects about why this day goes unnoticed to many, but let's keep it aside and celebrate the day.


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    Thanks to the author to know that there is a day which is called Men's day. I never thought that there is Men's day too. I wish all the males a happy Men's day.

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    This is not a well known day and not coming in the media also in a big way and few people might be aware of this.

    I feel even men are not much fascinated by this day then what to say of others. This may require more media coverage and publicity.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    International Men's day, in fact new to me. It seems that the celebration started from the year 1999. It gives importance to men's mental health. More care is given to improve the mental health of men, since several men's suicides were reported.
    I have not come across a report about this special day being celebrated in our country, may be I have missed it. Any way 19th November has such a significance is something to be remembered.


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