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    Quiz:Can you name the countries which are Agriculture less?

    As many people say without Agriculture countries will not move forward. But there are countries without any Agriculture whose economic situation is still stronger than so many countries(who is having Agriculture) in the world. Can you name at least one country which is having without Agriculture(even of a small percentage)? Is such a country exists? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    As far as I know, Singapore, Vatican City and Luxembourg are totally agriculture-less countries. These are city-states without any agriculture.
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    Singapore is one of only three city states that have no agriculture., Monaco and Vatican city are the other two, Singapore is the largest of the three . They completely depend on imports to support or supply the food needs of the 5.4 million people that live on the island. In Africa Zimbabwe also have also no farms .
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    Greenland, Singapore, Bahamas are few countries were agricultural land is very less and the people there depend on other occupations. Also, Norway falls in the same category.

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    It is really surprising that these countries have no agriculture and still they are surviving on their manufacturing activities and importing the food grains from outside.

    Food security is an important factor for any country and to that matter these countries have to depend on outside for this vital thing.

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    We can't count Greenland as a country. Further, there are farmers in Norway, but the products are not sufficient for the needs of the citizens. The country has to import agricultural products.
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    A very important information that there are such countries which are fully dependent on their basic food needs on the outside world.

    This is really a challenging proposition as in the war or natural calamity time, food is the basic and essential item and its unavailability is a matter of great concern. Such countries might be keeping a safety stock of basic grains and cereals in their warehouses for emergency times.

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