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    Do not follow the herd, follow the heart.

    There is a tendency among many people to follow what others are doing in a particular moment and do the same thing. They do not think twice while doing it and may repent later because of their lack of understanding about that issue.

    For example, it is found that in a particular place few people are beating up a person who was allegedly involved in some unlawful activities. A passerby may though that the person is really a miscreant and joins the group too to beat him up. It was found later, after intervention of the law enforcement authorities, that the person whom a group of men was beating up was innocent. After knowing this, the passerby who actively took part in the assault of the innocent man will surely repent for his insensitive acts.

    Many activities of these types, where people follow the behavior of the crowd, are noticed everywhere around us. We are influenced by the behavior of the crowd on many things and accept the behavior as correct for that moment. This tendency is very harmful and affects those who indulge in it very badly. We must think before acting. It's important to analyze things before coming to any conclusion. We must listen to our heart more than the herd. This will definitely bring positivity in life.
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    That's why it is said to think before you act. Many people easily get influenced by others and do like them without knowing that whatever they are doing is right or wrong they do it.

    Sometimes it happens because of the lack of knowledge as for when people have lack of knowledge they simply follow others as they think others to be more knowledgeable and when they come to know that they went wrong they curse those people.

    It happens with us too like my wife sometimes buys a product after seeing our neighbour has it and when after sometimes she sees it has no use or less use she repents why she wasted money on it.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    A nice thread by the author. It is human tendency to follow the mob but it is advisable to avoid such mindless activities.

    We must use our judgement and prudence for any action rather then joining a mob and being a part of that unnecessarily.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Human nature is to give some advice, mind business of others and find fault in people. We always think ourselves correct which is not right. Most of the people are of the herd mentality, and so in most of the cases, it is bound to backfire.

    There is minimum use of our brain, so later we do repent for our actions: especially when someone is brutally hurt, or there is a loss of life.

    God has given us a brain to think. It's better to use it than repent afterwards.


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    It is very common that many people will go with the group. Mainly there are two reasons for this. The majority is always correct. So people want to go by majority decision. Another one is if we support the person who is treated as the culprit at that time we may also have to face the same treatment as the culprit. In such cases, it is always better to be neutral and we can inform the law enforcing agency about the situation as early as possible so that they can come and see what is to be done. But many will never do that. Simply they will also join the crowd. Afterwards, when they know that what they have done is wrong, the people will repent. But you can't take back your action.
    At any given time we should not go by the mob. We should think and act accordingly. In such a case, we need not worry that we have done something wrong. Many people will just go from there without doing anything. It does not complete your responsibility. You should see that the law will not be taken by somebody into their hands. Informing the people who are supposed to be law protectors is the best course of action, I think.

    always confident

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    Following a mob or herd is the last thing a prudent person should do. It is really foolish to do so and sometimes there are severe consequences of such blind following.

    I remember an incident when I was doing my graduation and due to some issues there was a strike in the college and soon the nearby schools and other colleges also joined it and it became a big protest by the students and a group of them reached the police station and started to throw stones and started to damage the police station building and office.

    Meanwhile many student in their curiosity and excitement joined them and soon a big crowd was formed in that area. The district magistrate seeing the situation, gave orders of firing in the air but due to some misunderstanding or negligence a policeman started fire towards mob and one student was killed instantly.

    The crowd dispersed and there was a big law and order problem in the city as shops were closed and people gathered to take revenge with police or administration. Things subsided ultimately but one student who was nowhere in the picture earlier lost his life in his curiosity to follow the mob and to go in the front to see what is happening there.

    It was an unfortunate event but the lesson was clear. Do not follow a group mindlessly.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think this reaction is something related to mob mentality or herd mentality. Many a time, we may join a group and do or say such things which in the normal course we would have never done or spoken. This happens due to the influence of daily happenings around us and the general perception we form in our mind due to such incidents. Take the example quoted by the author. A man is being beaten up by a crowd (it is not a group) and he simply joins them without thinking further because of his perception makes him think that if a person is being beaten up by a crowd, he must have committed some mistake. In addition to this there may be the urge to be part of an action against injustice or a crime; a thought that we must not remain mere onlookers. One need not fear something when you are in a mob; where no one knows each other.
    This is a usual tendency which we must try to avoid. We must think before jumping into a conclusion. I don't think there is any point in repenting later once you come to know that he is innocent; what if the person dies in the melee. So, please do not join a group or mob when they are in action; stay away and try to know the facts before you decide. Also, remember that we have no right to manhandle another person except in some rare and peculiar situations when we are left with no other choice.

    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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    Do the author have mentioned this in reference to something or in general & how do we come to know that whatever your heart is coming-up with is true & justified because it could be wrong also? Human psychology is such that this automatically gets converted according to our perceptions which would again be based on our experiences & tastes. I agree with the statement that, "We must think before acting", but this could be the numbers of factors which must be complied with before this gets executed.

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