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    A Kolkatan Malayali is leaving Kolkata

    The young man came to Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1955. He was only 22 years at that time. He had completed his I.A (XIIth standard), learned typing and stenography and came to Calcutta for a job. He got a job as a typist and started working in Calcutta. To save money, he used to go to the office by foot and used to notice many old buildings on the way. He used to think about the history of these buildings. He used to think about the old lanes and bylanes of Calcutta.

    Although he was transferred to Shillong for a brief three years, he returned to Calcutta as soon as he got the opportunity. He started living in Bhowanipur area and used to visit old lanes, bylanes,
    historical buildings of the city, and also, the National Library. Slowly, he started serious research on the history of the city.

    After 63 years, this 85+ Malayali, Parameswaran Thankappan Nair, is now an established authority on Calcutta (Kolkata). He has written books and innumerable articles on Kolkata. His books titled 'A history of Calcutta's Streets' and 'History of Calcutta Corporation' are considered to be the most reliable books on these subjects. In addition, he has also edited 'Calcutta Tercentenary Bibliography' and many other important collections.

    PT Nair has loved Kolkata. He thinks that he is indebted to the city and he has been trying to repay by writing Kolkata's History. He has donated his entire collection of books to the Town Hall.

    Unfortunately, this Kolkatan Malayali is returning to Kerala after more than 63 years. Kolkata doesn't know who will replace PT Nair, who has loved this city from the core of his heart.

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    Living in a place for 63 years will make a person very much attached to that place. It will be very difficult for that man also to leave that place. But the affection towards native place may dominate the affection for the place where he lived.
    It is very nice to know about PT Nair who is well versed with Calcutta, it's history and development. He may be knowing more about Calcutta than his native place. Donating all his books to the Town Hall is a very good gesture from the person.
    Now I hope he will study more and write about his native place once he settles well there. I wish Nair a happy and long life in his native village. My Thanks to the author for this information.

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    What is the reason of his leaving Kolkata now? This has to be known. What has happens that after living here for 63 years and loving this city for this much time now he has finally decided to leave it.

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    It is really a happy moment for me to know about such a historian, P T Nair, who is authority on history of Kolkata.

    A malayali living in Kolkata and writing about its history and that also with great research is a rare combination.

    It is natural that he will have attachment with Kolkata as he is so closely connected with it and he may be leaving the place due to some personal compulsions but Kolkata people will remember him for ever through his books.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As far as I know, he is very reluctantly returning to his native place due to the insistence of his family members, who want to go back to Kerala due to limited social interaction because of depleting number of Malayalis in Kolkata.
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