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    How can we identify a good friend?

    Friendship is a thing to cherish and a good friendship is like a treasure. You can share your problems with your friend, take his advice and ask his help in time of adversity.

    Sometimes, there may be some misunderstanding between the friends due to the circumstances and conflict of interests. If the friendship is based on sound footing, these differences can be resolved. Otherwise the friendship can break also.

    It is a difficult thing to differentiate a good friend from a selfish and clever one but with time the real colour will come out.

    How to identify a good friend? What do you suggest?
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    There is a famous Sanskrit shloka which starts like :"Rajadware, Smashane cha Durbhikhe, Rashtrabiplabe...." (I have forgotten the entire shloka). It basically states that those are real friends who stand by us in adverse situations.

    So, the real friend can be identified by this test. If he/she stands by me during my rainy days, he/she is my real friend.

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    I feel there are no good friends and bad friends. All friends are good. But some people pretend to be friends. They will get their works done by showing the friendly nature and then vanish. There may be some friends and some close friends. We can share our issues with a close friend. Every colleague is a friend to us. But they all need not be close friends. If a friend is really our well-wisher he will try to help us when we need some help from him and when we are in difficulties. Many friends will be with you when you have money like many frogs will stay in the well when there is water. Once the well gets dried all the frogs will vanish. Similarly when you have money with you people will make a friendship with you and somehow get their works done. But they will not see once you have no money. But a real friend will be with you when you have some problems. So to know who is the real friend ask all the friends for some help and the onlly real friend will help you but not all.
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    He may be selflessly working for your betterment & at the same time prove out to be more reliable in all the circumstances irrespective of the time & how difficult the situation become but in today's world our expectations has become so much exaggerated that it would be impossible to find such friends in real life & therefore in order to have such friends with you, you also need to settle down with him also in context to the expectations & meeting up with the expectations.

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    Its an old saying for me " A friend in need is a friend indeed". In my opinion, the person who always remain ready to help you without thinking about himself. But we don't find such people these days. It's better not to expect much from the people. People try to be your friend but they may dupe you so one should be careful from people.

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