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    Telangana Minister, KTR, is a farmer for the last 4 1/2 years.

    Telangana elections are coming. The nominations submission is going on. All the members have to submit an affidavit with details of their income and assets. K. Taraka Rama Rao S/o KCR submitted his nomination to Sircilla constituency and he submitted his affidavit.
    In the affidavit, he mentioned that he is an agriculturalist and his income from this is about Rs. 60 lakhs. His income has grown by 40% between last elections and this election. His wife's income has grown by 10 times during this period. In 2014 her assets were 4.2 crore rupees. Now it is almost 42 crores.
    Many farmers in India are struggling to make money from agriculture. But KTR is able to make a very good income. It will be good for the other farmers if he educates them about the procedure he is following.
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    Yes, when he has amassed so much wealth by farming, he must teach the process of farming he follows to all other farmers in the country. In this country, joining politics is a well paid job and the higher your rank the higher the pay scale. It's so similar to the corporate world.

    Think of the salary of an employee and the CEO of an organization. The same is applicable here. Think of the income of a municipal councilor and a minister in any state. I think after going through all these affidavits of income details, the competition to join a political party will increase manifold.


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