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    Why people are so careless?

    Today morning at about 7 AM it is reported that there was a blast at the premises of Army's Central Ammunition Depot (CAD), Pulgaon about 90 Kms from Nagpur. Six people working there died and some injured. The deceased persons include one army personnel, an ordnance factory employee and 4 labourers. In the same premises two years back also there was a big explosion and 18 people died.
    We all know that ammunition is very dangerous as it involves high explosives and they should be handled in a proper way with safety first policy. But employing contract people for such works is leading to explosions like this. Why can't the technical persons involved take all required precautions? Why the people are so careless.
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    Contract workers are not fully conversant of the functioning. They are not properly trained. The contractors are not bothered about their safety and security. On the other hand, more and more contractual employees are appointed to save money.

    The unfortunate incidents are the combined result of all these.

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    The cost cutting with the pressure of increased efficiency has led to the using & implementing of numbers of strategies & opting the contract laborers is one of the steps which is being used widely even in the governmental departments as well. But on the above we all are human beings which sometimes gets diverted because of pressure which could be on the personal or the professional fronts but still the onlooker must have been there in order to control the activities.

    In addition, I would say that it's unfortunate for such incidences in such a disciplined & respected institution.

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    It's for sure investigations will reveal that the people were not following the safety rules. It happens we make rules but don't follow them if we follow the rules accidents won't occur.

    Though its sad as because of few people who didn't follow the rules people have lost their lives. I don't know when we people will understand that our safety is the topmost priority and we should check it.


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    It's really unfortunate that few people have lost their lives. It is expected that there will be an investigation to find out the reason for the blasts and if it is because of lack of safety precautions then the persons responsible for it should be punished.

    It is true that in general, many people do not take proper safety precautions. For example, many bike riders do not wear helmet but drive rashly paying little regards to the safety rules. In few places, at West Bengal, fire safety norms are flouted but they carry on their business by putting the lives of many at risk.

    Organizations may give contracts to third parties (other vendors) to look into some aspects of their businesses, but compromising with safety and security measures are not a good practice at all. If this is the real case in the CAD, then it is deplorable and all the higher authorities in the government must step in to stop this practice in all the organizations throughout the country.


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    Safety is a culture of an organisation and until unless every employee follows it, we can not achieve a zero accident record.

    Safety is not only wearing a helmet, it is a process of maintaining it in the action from start to end.

    People say that if we work safely then it will take more time and the job will be delayed. It is all excuses to avoid safety measures and go for short cuts.

    The culture of safety is inculcated from the top. The people at commanding position should give emphasis to safety if they want that the subordinates will follow the suit.

    Adopting safety also requires the detailed knowledge of the materials we are handling and then only we know that casual handling can create accidents anytime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many employees in any organisation who are not happy and satisfied in their life due to various reasons related to their personal life or career. They are not serious in their work and sometimes show carelessness in their work and even the accidents happen. These disgruntled employees are a big concern for an organisation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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