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    Not say no to say except "Accept". Confused? So am I!

    I was just going through the Hindu Crossword and found this as a hint-

    "Not say no to say except (6)", I was wondering what it could be and when I searched for the solution, this is what was written -

    "Not say no to say except "Accept""

    I tried a lot to understand what this phrase means but it took me no-where.

    Have you heard of this phrase before? I am curious to know what it means!
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    Unfortunately, I have failed to understand the meaning or implication of this high-level English phrase. I never heard this before.
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    Yeah, same here, I haven't heard this phrase used anywhere ever. I tried googling for it and there was no answer to this and that makes me all the more curious to know what this means.

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    "Not say no to say except "Accept""
    Not say "no to say except Accept"
    Not say "say Accept"
    Not say "Accept."

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    Crossword cryptic clues are generally difficult to decipher and they do not follow the grammar much.

    They are mostly based on anagrams and indirect hints to related items.

    The clue given in this thread is a jumble of words intentionally made to confuse the puzzle solver.

    Anyway I could get one solution -
    "Not say no to say except":

    It means that if someone is asking you to utter the word 'except' then you do not refuse it and agree to it. In other words you 'accept' to do so.

    So, here 'accept' emerges as one of the solutions. Because you have given me the answer, I could try this solution otherwise it is a difficult one.

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    I am also not able to make anything out of the phrase. Some experts on this site may come out with an explanation for it. So that we will get some understanding about the phrase.
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    To be honest when I saw the title I thought you had a typo in it and it needs to be fixed. That sentence is baffling. But two negatives make a positive. Say to except "accept" would be left then.
    That makes little sense as it is an ordering statement. Except is a preposition. So i guess it means to say anything but "accept".
    I don't know. I just tried to make sense. My answer totally coincides with Neeraj's answer.

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    Cryptic crossword puzzles are not everyone's cup of tea, but once you get the hang of it, they are relatively easy to solve.

    You need to learn how to read the clues. There is always a pattern, and there is one in the clue that you found in The Hindu.

    Cryptic crossword puzzles have indicators, which you need to recognise, to be able to solve the clue. There are different types of clue indicators.

    The clue here is - Not say no to say except.

    The solution, as you mentioned is 'accept'. If you look at the clue, you'll notice that 'except' and 'accept' are homophones. The clue, in this case, has a homophone indicator. Clues with homophone indicators have a word that has a reference to either an auditory or vocal expression. Here, that word is 'say'.

    The clue in the puzzle is in two parts – not say no – which is the direct clue, and the second part – to say except – which is the homophone indicator (clue). You need to work the two parts together to get your answer.

    Cryptic clues often make no sense, but they have a pattern of rules. Hope this clarifies your confusion and everyone else's as well.

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    Nicely explained. I did not know these technicalities and jargon but tried to solve it by breaking the clue in two distinguishable parts and found the logic of that answer.

    Anyway thanks for the splendid explanation and it is really inspiring me now to find out some good article on how to decode the cryptic clues in crosswords.

    Any suggestions in this regards please?

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Juana, for the precise explanation, that was helpful. I want to thank all the others as well for your explanations.

    I really need to buckle up and get a hang of solving these crosswords.

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    I am sure there must be many articles online where you can learn how to solve cryptic clues. However, I am not aware of any, and will not be able to help you with this.

    My mother and brother were avid fans of crossword puzzles, and together, they would solve the cryptic clues, rather than solve the easy clues, in The Indian Express that we subscribed to.

    Whatever little knowledge I have was learnt from my mother.

    I am glad I could be of help.

    Crossword puzzles are fun to solve, and once you master the techniques involved in solving the clues, you will find it easy to get the right answers.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Accept and Except these two words are highly confusing until you are unable to understand their meaning.

    Let's understand Accept:

    Accept means to agree or to allow

    For an example: I would like to accept your idea for my new school project.( Here you are refering that you are agreed with his or her idea for school project hence you accepted that.

    I accepted your request on facebook.( Here you are referring that you allowed that person to be your friend on facebook by accepting his request).

    Except means not including
    For an example;

    1) I like almost all colours except red.( Here you are referring that you don't include red colour in your favourite colours list).

    2) All students are allowed to take part in dance competition except those who have ready taken part in singing competition.( Here you referring that singers are not going to be included in dancing competition.

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