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    Tolerating dissent is as important as fundamental rights are

    Sometime ago, a famous Carnatic expert, whose passion for this form of deeply spiritual and heart warming music, has been branded as "anti national" by some forces who have a particular brand of their philosophy thinking and action. These forces are absolutely irrational and outright stupid when they claim that there should only be one religion, one language and even one party. They go to the ridiculous extent of banishing the Congress party or many of its leaders as " anti national". This is as ridiculous as it gets.

    Similarly another famous Carnatic musician was also termed "anti national" just because he sang some songs in praise of Jesus Christ. Is this not absolutely stupid? Was Jesus Christ not a great spiritual leader? Are there no good points about Christianity?

    The country's finest institutions like St Stephens New Delhi,Loyola Chennai, St.Xavier s Mumbai have been serving the nation far better than anyone else. All dissenting voices supporting artists are sought to be drowned in the "anti national" narrative.

    Should we not put an end to this sort of stupidity?
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    The sort of intolerance prevailing in the country now is not good for the country. It is high time that such tendencies should be put to an end. The recent incident of cancellation of the concert of T.M.Krishna in Delhi is unfortunate. The right-wing activists are becoming emboldened by the attitude of the Government. The Central and State Governments should take steps to curb any such activity instead of encouraging them by keeping silent.
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    Taslima Nasreen is a world-famous Bangladeshi writer presently in exile in India. A few years back, she was attending a literary festival in Hyderabad. In that festival, supporters and leaders of a party named AIMIM physically assaulted her and threw her out from the festival. At that time, we, the common mass of the country, did not hear any murmur of protest from any of the liberals. So, commenting against the present protest is being considered a highly selective approach of the liberals.

    The protest against TM Krishna is not for his music, but due to his extremely indecent views about RSS and other similar organizations. Further, it may be noted that there has been no physical heckling of the singer. Only, it has been noted by common people that the permission to the concert was withdrawn. There may be some administrative reason behind it, which we do not know.

    Last but not the least, the concert of the singer has finally been held at the 'Garden of Five Senses' in Delhi. There was no protest at that time. And the Central Government-controlled Delhi Police provided the security. However, as usual, liberals have forgotten this fact. Is this called 'selective amnesia'?

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    Intolerance attitude is there in the country for a long time. Many places of worship of a religion were spoiled by the rulers belonging to other religions. But after independence, we felt that we are secular and all religions will be treated equally and it has never happened so far. It is still continuing.
    It is not at all good for the country and people. The governments should see that no religion will come into the picture when we think of jobs, education and other facilities. Only the financial position of an individual is to be taken into consideration. Then only this intolerance will come down. Otherwise, this will continue like this. When somebody in the neighbourhood is enjoying and you are suffering for no fault of you this intolerance will come into the picture.
    So I feel the government should start removing this caste-based and religion based inequalities so that people will start tolerating each other.

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    The intolerance in such form is really a pathetic show of our lack of acceptance of other cultures or societies. It is strange that even the educated people join hands in this stupid attacks on the artists and other prominent figures. It is really in bad taste.
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    Does everybody tolerate dissent? Does ISC, for example, allow a different way of thinking? Selective criticism doesn't solve the problem. Rather it aggravates it.
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    I don't believe that there is widespread intolerance prevailing in our country. Everything is politically motivated issues. If it is important for a religious to become tolerant and accepting the liberals point of view, it is equally important for a liberals to be sensitive to the believers perspective. The same views should be established by the liberals. The superiority complex expressing by the so called liberals may not be accepted by all. People should understand that when it comes to spirituality, there is nothing certain, there is guess work, but sure that there are effects of belief. In our country, generally, people don't care what you want to believe, so long as no one is getting harmed. But, the case is different in other countries.

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    There is widespread intolerance. But it exists among the so-called liberals of the country. They are extremely intolerant towards different viewpoints. They can't tolerate people who unquestioningly follow them. And, they blame others of intolerance. As they are very prominently present in the visible space, we think India has become intolerant.

    The majority Hindu community has remained very tolerant. They are still tolerant even when they are rebuked and ridiculed by the others.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Liberal thinking is not tolerated. Those who are secular are not tolerated. What more proof is required that intolerance is prevailing in the country? Why these intolerant(those who are not liberal), religious fanatics(not secular) do not tolerate others views? Why not they mind their own religious beliefs and traditions rather than criticizing the others?
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    In accordance with the raised query by the author of this thread that, "Should we not put an end to this sort of stupidity?", I absolutely in agreement with the author here but what happens to our conscious when the nude pictures of the Hindu deities are circulated by some Muslim cleric. What about when Franco Mulakkal, bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar is set free on bail for being accused of raping a nun while in Kerala. Why religion conversion of layman & poor by exchanging money. I am extreme necessity of stopping of all such stupidities & punishing all those to its maximum but is not happening but the criticism moves around with a certain community & of certain belief & even after this we created a general mentality that we have lost of democracy & there is no freedom of speech.

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    Don't we feel that to hell with the secularism when this already has the biased approach, that even one dies on road then we look out for the secularism in that? We talked of Gujrat riots in context to how many Muslim died or killed but I never have heard of someone asking of about how many Hindu's were killed or died & above all how this whole started. I don't feel that we have talked or debated a lot about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots or of Golden Temple case but for sure we have one killed because of mob lynching but again it is hiding that the same was involved in some illegal movements.

    Why we are not able to see all those?

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    The liberals have already understood that common people no longer bother about their views. The educated common mass is now confident, gets information from many sources and can confront the libus anywhere and everywhere. That is the reason, the libus are now unnerved. And the more tensed they are, they are prone to make more mistakes.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Tolerance varies from person to person and one needs to practice tolerance. When people act from their core beliefs they do not care about others' viewpoint and carry out their acts desperately. It's true that intolerance is increasing throughout the country and there are political supports in those cases.

    The question is not who is liberal or non-liberal, the question is why people are becoming so intolerant. According to the author, tolerating dissent may be very important like the fundamental rights to him, but being biased is equally deplorable. The media and the politicians have a role to play and it is seen that few news items which do not require much public attention are given importance. This also spreads intolerance among a section of people and this is done to gain attention by the political parties.

    When politics of appeasement and vote-bank politics is rampant in this country, it is expected that all the political parties will play their cards accordingly to garner votes. It's the people of this country who need to understand these tactics and have to practice tolerance to improve the situation.


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    We got our nation as a secular state because of the majority of one community & belief system & when this reduces to minority status than no one would be here to talk of the secularism here.

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    I was expecting a top-up on my comment (#653412), but still to put with some more inputs than I would request all the members to observe the scenario wherein the demography of the region has been changing. Two nations created, Pakistan & Bangladesh & look at the demographic scenario there from the time it was created to till date of the changes took place. In India, the riots never took place wherein the Hindu population is in majority & the Muslim population is in minority but the riots happened only in the regions wherein the Muslim population is almost equivalent to the population of the Hindu's or is in more in numbers.

    Members are requested to pl. correct me if I am wrong.

    I addition, I would request the author to pl. raise a separate thread illustrating the injustices that has happened to the Kashmiri Pundits & the conversion practices of the Christian Missionaries to the local, uneducated & to the socially backward people & we know the reason why & which had never been practiced in a Hindu culture & that's why this is unique & great with a never die spirit & still existing & I am proud of this culture & religion which teaches the true culture of acceptances of all & of any kind. We are all blessed to be here & therefore value it.

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