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    Is the extreme intolerance prevailing in ISC reflecting the malaise of liberal society?

    Today morning I raised a thread on a much-discussed and debated issue of the attitude of the sycophant, dynastic Congressmen towards the slogan hailing Mother India. Another Member raised a thread on the conviction of two criminals-cum-political workers who participated in anti-Sikh riots in 1984. These two threads have been promptly deleted. On the other hand, a nonsensical thread linking bus-accident, cricket match and Karma is being allowed for more than eighteen hours.

    The action of prompt deletion of two threads clearly points out the extreme intolerance of the decision-makers of ISC. My question is simple. Does this extreme intolerance prevailing among the decision-makers of ISC point out deeper malaise? Does it indicate the extreme intolerance prevailing among Indian liberals towards different viewpoints?

    Let's discuss.
    [last sentence deleted -don't go overboard with sarcasm.]
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    I just searching the thread "chanting Bharat mata kee jai" but could not find it. Whereas i started the thread regarding the conviction of two persons does killing two Sikhs in 1984 which is still there.

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    Mr. Gupta: My thread on 'Bharat-Mata' has been deleted. Mr. Ved Prakash Anand's thread has also been deleted. But the question is: What does this intolerance of ISC indidicate?
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    The slogan-hailing thread was as nonsensical as the other nonsensical thread (that has been deleted now, by the way) as it was based on a video which purported to be what a minister told someone to say. We cannot allow anything and everything that is reported on social media. We do have the authority to remove a thread as per the guidelines which are given to us by the Webmasters so it would be good if you constantly stopped questioning the actions, especially when there is no real valid basis to raise a thread questioning such actions. In fact, the ISC forum gives a lot of leeway to topics which can be discussed whereas on other platforms it would not be tolerated. So please - let's not misuse/abuse the freedom we have been generously given to conduct and participate in good discussions.

    With regard to the thread by Ved Prakash - if you had cared to even check the forum, you would have seen another thread on the exact same topic and, as you well know, discussion on the same topic is not allowed.

    So, there is no question of extreme intolerance at our site and no need to make nonsensical analogies between ISC policies and views of the general society at large, liberals or otherwise.

    End of discussion.

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