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    What more should be done to contain such deplorable incidents?

    This is serious.

    Today I was going through the news and came to know an incident where a man confessed that he has raped about 7 girls aged between 3-7 years in different cities. He used to break their legs and used to rape them and kill them.

    Such cases are increasing day by day in India when our government is keen on the slogan "Beti Bachao, Beti Padao". With stringent laws, amended as per present day requirements, and enhanced surveillance and security systems in place, young girls are still being kidnapped and are raped and sold. Despite all possible measures being taken, we are, most of the time clueless about the missing victims and the culprits.

    It's very serious. Parents, teachers, neighbors and relatives of the young girls and boys need to be very careful as at this age a child is vulnerable and an easy target for such monsters. We need to be careful and must also be responsible enough to educate our child about such possible crimes.

    What do you feel can be done more to contain such crimes? Shouldn't the society as a whole act more responsibly?
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    People are becoming animals. Sometimes I feel animals are better than two legged animals. A tiger never kills another tiger. A lion kills other animal only when it is hungry. But human beings are always with hunger and desire. So they don't see anything except their desire. Breaking the legs, rapping and killing the small child for his desire. Where is the humanity. Where is the fear of God. Where is the fear of law and punishment. Hanging him to death is not the suitable punishment for such a person. All his body parts should be removed and he should understand the pains. By seeing this punishment no other person should dare to do it. Otherwise,these incidents will go on increasing. Fast track courts should be there and with in one or two days after the incident the culprit should be punished. Allowing him all comforts and keeping him in jail for long is of no use.
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    We have been discussing these from time to time but the important thing is that what needs to be done in order to control such occurring in the future. Around the time we got so many news with termed as breaking news & in an instance the old news become lost of the sight & we have another one being replacing within ourselves. We have constitution & then we have law & then we have police to look after all this but still something is lacking which let those things taking place repeatedly in our society & raising fingers to each will make the things horrible but even after all this, we need a better education & understanding but the problem is that the same is not taken seriously by the school premises or from our own home.

    However sad to note one another incident.

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    This problem is becoming more and more severe with time. The children are not safe in this environment.

    These demons are to be punished severely for their mean and lustfull acts on innocent children.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's horrible to know that the man is still there in our society. Unfortunately, many like him are there almost everywhere and the incidents of child rape and abuse are on the rise. For all these cases of assault, severe punishment within a short span of committing the crime is the way out. In case of child rapes and abuses, many go unreported and the perpetrators carry on the heinous crime on other children.

    Though the reporting has increased because of the awareness among people and the alertness of the media, still severe punishment to the perpetrators of this heinous crime is not visible. Think of the horrible Nirbhaya case, the top court has ordered the death penalty of the convicts but they are still behind bars. The execution has not taken place till now because of so many appeals and petitions by the convicts. The cabinet has approved death penalty for child rapists this year but after that nobody has faced the gallows though these incidents are increasing. When there is no severe punishment for crimes, then we really do not know what may be the other options available to stop them.


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    We have read this news in the newspaper. There are some perverts in society. Is it necessary to discuss the perverts and their acts of perversion?
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    Day by day it seems the number of these type of people is increasing. They are not afraid of being caught and get punished. Why put them in jail and then hang them after some days? There should be only one punishment, induce unbearable pain in their body and leave them like that to suffer day and night and as long as they survive.

    Such men are not humans but demons, and they have no right to live. Today I read in a newspaper that a lady student faced a horrible kind of harassment on a bus in Delhi. She protested it, but nobody on the bus came to her rescue. She took an action against the man and handed him over to the police.

    Stringent punishment is required. Our society is very selfish minded which has to change. We never understand the pain of others unless we go through it which is ridiculous. Once this mindset changes then people with sick mentality will think hundred times before harming a girl. Hope to see a better society!


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    #653438 Partha yes it's essential to discuss such incidents here. I know these are a day to day incidents but why should not they be discussed?

    #653443 Shampa yes i read that incident. This is very sad people don't come forward to help women even after seeing they are being harassed, they forget the same can be done to their sister or their acquaintance in future so such people should be handed over to the police. It's our duty as everywhere we can't seek the help of police at first.


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    The good thing is that the individual persons like me is willing to take initiatives but the problem remains that they are unwilling to do so because then the questions would be raised to you also & being unaware of the law you wouldn't want to involve yourself into unnecessary troubles. The reporting & the processing of the incidences for justice is not simple but consisting of whole lot of timing & money & also the security & as the common people don't have any of these in enough quantities they tend to avoid their duty.

    In simple words the common people don't have enough confidence in the law & jurisdiction in our country. These needs a big renovation & improvisation in order to improve the participation of the common people.

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    We need not discuss such perverts but should definitely give it a thought as to how they are succeeding in their attempts. I don't think one needs to be an expert in psychology to be able to identify a sexual pervert; just keeping our eyes and ears open can make a lot of difference. Laws, security systems and law enforcing agencies have their limitations. It is the parents, neighbors, teachers and the society at large that need to wake up to the situation. We need to be alert. We should not feel reluctant to report any suspicious move to the nearest police station. With so many helpline numbers and apps available, we should not bother about getting entangled in the process but should think about the safety and security of those who may be likely become a prey to such monsters. Protesting through social media or repenting for having turned a blind eye will not bring in any results.
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    I was watching a show called Dance + and an artist crew called "Feel crew" did a splendid job about this issue. This sickening news you bring nauseates me. How can such wicked people roam with us and breathe the same air without reeking evil? Lately, the working ladies and teenagers are well equipped with defense mechanisms thanks to government and private awareness programs, are being targeted less by these filthy predators. Instead, they are aiming at defenseless kids. Mutilating and killing them in process. Each day these unfortunate incidents keep piling up. But thanks to the vigilant youth, like the Feel Crew who are out there propagating this message that urges parents to defend their kids, today many have come to support the victims and punish severely the offenders. The major obstacle is many parents are not even willing to educate their children about "bad touch". The children must never be left alone and should always be in a dear one's company.
    I never usually propose death sentence to an offender of any sort but this cruel being must burn in Hell. If there is a punishment severe than being hanged to death, I wish this wicked person gets it.

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    How to change the dirty minds in the society who are doing such heinous crimes is a burning question in the present era. It is not that rapes did not happen earlier but due to social vigil and bonding within the community it was a fearful proposition for the offenders.

    Today the cultural liberalization has made some people as the demons doing whatever they want and run away with that. Our systems and governance are not up to the mark to punish these persons severely so that others get a lesson from it.

    It is unfortunate that we call ourselves modern and liberal but there are devil's hiding behind the simple looking faces of these molesters.

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