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    Can meat be really transported by long distance trains?

    Am a vegetarian and am hence not able to understand what this fuss is all about. However, the larger issue is: can meat be transported all the way from Rajasthan? Why is that allowed to happen, when we have enough of livestock in Tamil Nadu itself?

    A very big consignment of meat was seized at Chennai Central. The butchered animals were packed and sent all the way from Rajasthan. There were huge doubts that the meat was actually dog meat and not the traditional meat of goat/sheep. The tests followed and it was proved that the stuff was actually goat/sheep meat only.

    Is it possible to transport meat in good condition by train, for 36 hours or more? What is the legal position? If yes, would the meat withstand the travel by train? Why should it come all the way from Rajasthan?

    Obviously, the cost will be very high. When the local stuff seems to be very much available, why should it come all the way from Rajasthan? Members, who are non-vegetarian and know the actual position, may please clarify.
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    I am a vegetarian. But generally vegetables and non vegetarian stuff can be transported for long distances by packing them properly and keeping them in cold storage. A perfect cold condition will keep the stuff useful. For one or two days the meat can be stored in thermocoal containers. How much time the transportation has took for reaching Chennai from Rajasthan and did they send it in air conditioned condition or it is kept in ice box and transported. All these information is required to know whether the stuff is useful to consume after reaching Chennai. Is there any foul smell to the material? These things are also lmportant to know. However when it is fresh available in Chennai why it is coming from Chennai from Rajasthan is a point to be understood.
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    Meat can be transported for long distances if packed and preserved properly in ice boxes. It is not difficult to transport meat from Rajasthan to Tamilnadu by train with a cold storage facility. Tamilnadu may not be able to meet the requirement of meat to its people. The goat/sheep meat available in Rajasthan may be very cheap.

    The fishing vessels at sea have proper cold storages to preserve their catches for weeks and months. Cold storage facilities ensure meat in good condition. Meat is exported and imported like any other commodity. If there is any defect in the cold storage, the meat would get spoiled.

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