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    Now e-copy of driving licence and RC are valid for verification!

    A very good news for the riders. You can digitalise your Driving Licence and other related documents. Vehicle owners can store their driving licenses digitally on their smartphones or on applications like Digilocker. The government has officially amended a rule allowing citizens to carry electronic copies of these documents.

    The nod of the Government was welcomed by all. The amenndment to Section 139 of Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, allowing vehicle owners across the country to use electronic versions of their driving licence and registration certificate.The initiative helps thousands of vehicle owners to get relievd from the tension of searching for the manual documents.
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    Yes. It is true. In Telangana we have a special App for RTO requirements. We can download that App from play store. We can save driving licence, car c book, pollution check certificate and related documents to our vehicles. They will be accepted by the official who will be checking the vehicles during the travel. This is a good facility and there is no necessity to carry originals always with us.
    Similarly all other government departments are developing their own Appa and it is giving good facility to the citizens. Municipal Corporation, Electrical Department, water supply department of Telangana had their own Apps and we are using those appa for paying the bills and for getting related information.
    These facilities are good for the citizens and their lives are becoming easy. They can avoid big queues and long waiting's for payment.

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    It's a good initiative and will be of much use when people forget to carry the original papers with them. The Digilocker facility is very useful and many are using it effectively. The main problem with all digital platforms is security and utmost care has to be taken so that the documents stored in the cloud are not forged.

    It's always troublesome to carry a bunch of papers with us while travelling and when there is a facility to store and use them in digital format through different apps, it is to be used widely in our daily activities.


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    This is a good measure and will be helpful to the people in a big respect. These measures are showing that the present Govt wants to go ahead with e-governance in a big way.

    We have already seen the earlier such digital efforts in Income tax, Jevan praman, Reality sector, LPG subsidy etc and all are yielding good results.

    In a populous country like ours the computerization and online access of things is the only way to make the things fair and clear.

    Hope more such efforts are initiated by the central as well as various state Govts to make the citizens life easier.

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