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    I am becoming obsolete so early!

    It is still 2018! The year is not yet over. But the time has changed. I still remember the day when she purchased me from the local stationery-mart. She went there with her father. That was in February. Both she and her father tested the quality of the ink. They both checked the grip. The young girl practised writing using me in different papers. Only then she chose me. She was also very particular about the colour. My colour was her favourite. Then she decided that she would write the answers in the Board examination using me.

    It was March and early April. I was the centre of all attention. Before the examination, she used to keep me under the feet of Goddess Saraswati. After each examination, she used to kiss me because she felt that her performance was good and I was also an important factor for her good performance.

    Her result was declared at the end of May. She came out with flying colours. She eventually took admission in a very good college under Delhi University. But.....

    Now I don't get adequate attention from her. I have now been kept in the pen-stand of the kitchen. Now, the college-going girl doesn't use me. Her mother uses me occasionally when she writes about some small payment or to indicate the absence of the maid or the cook in the calendar.

    It is still 2018. But I realise that I am fast becoming obsolete.
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    A wonderful thread by the author describing the hapless situation of the pen. It's true that many of us have a special fascination for pens and few of them have special significance attached. Writing the board exams is one of the important events of life and the pen used for writing the exam is always special.

    I remember that I took care of the pen with which I wrote the board exams and after a prolonged use the tip was somehow broken. I kept it safely somewhere for a long time, but can't remember where it is now. I still remember that pen was Reynolds Jetter and was very comfortable to use.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    An excellent narration by the author in his established style. Presenting the irony of today's world from the eyes of a pen.

    When we were students, we had few pens and a new pen was always a proud possession. The pen which we used in exam was a thing to keep with utmost care. We did not give that pen to anyone. It was our special item not to be shared.

    Even today I have some pens which I cherish and change their refill to run them. I like them when they write and feel their lively existence.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It happens with everything. When things are new they are appreciated by the owner but when they become old those things get obsolete and that's what happened with this pen.

    My mother used to do similar things. She used to buy things with enthusiasm and in a few days when those become old, she used to keep them aside in storeroom.

    But these when we have apps like OLX where we can sell them when we think they get old and of no use for us but are in working condition.


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    The author made a very good presentation about the present state of usage of pens. It is very true that pens are becoming obsolete. Initially we were using ink pens. We were used to fill ink everyday after coming back from the school during examinations so that the pen will be ready to take for the next examination . During the examinations we used to request our father to give us an extra pen as a fall back arrangement. Slowly ink pens vanished. Ball point pens with refills and then use and throw pens came into existence. Now online examinations,electronic devices are replacing. No necessity of writing or noting down.
    In olden days I remember every person used to have a pen in his pocket and they were using it for many purposes. But there we will not find a single person with a pen in the pocket. These days I feel pencils are being used once in a while at least but there is no necessity of using a pen is arising.

    always confident

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