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    If we do not have to pay for a particular thing, it can be easily wasted!

    When people do not have to pay anything for a particular service/object, they don't care much if it is wasted. I was observing the activities of many people standing in the queue of the railways reservation counter and found that many reservation/cancellation requisition forms are wasted because of their casual approach. They do not read properly what is written on the form and argue with the persons managing the counter. After filling up the forms wrongly few times, they are discarding it because it's of no use and this waste is not so less. I think a lot of paper is wasted in this system and the railways must also be thinking of some other ways to reduce this wastage. One option maybe to introduce automatic ticket vending machines for reservations, though the viabilities of using it has to be studied thoroughly.

    There were many threads in the past regarding particular wastes and it is found that people are not careful enough to think about the future. I found these incidents at the ticket counter quite disturbing, though if we give it a deeper look it will be found that we care less about others' money. In offices/public places, it is requested to switch off the lights and fans when they are not in use but people do use it unnecessarily also. The same people become cautious when it occurs in their own home because in that case they have to pay their electricity bill. It seems that public properties or services can be wasted when you do not have to pay anything.
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    Yes, it happens when people don't have to pay from their pocket they waste it. I have seen many people in the parties they take an excess quantity of food in their plate and throw it in the dustbin and when you see the same people at home they finish even the single grain of rice left in the plate.

    Even in my factory, we do counselling with the associates daily that they should switch off the computer, light, fan etc but they never do because they don't have to pay for it. Once we announced that the fine will be imposed on the person on whose station fan is on when he or she is not present on his or her station from the next day we found such cases were reduced.

    In all, I would say that this is human tendency people waste things which they don't own or have to pay for them.


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    It is true that we only care for our personal property and do not bother for the public property. We forget that public property is also ours only though in an indirect way. That feeling is required to be inculcated in the minds of all the citizens.

    There are miscreants who are burning public transport buses or police stations or damaging public property not knowing that they are doing a grave mistake of judgement in their actions.

    Not caring for public facilities and damaging them is in fact is a silly act as it will deprive us only from them in future.

    Parents should give this teaching to their children so that when they grow they should not have such careless attitude.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Any item that is available free will be wasted. This is the human mentality. We all get water almost free wherever we have ground water. So there is no measure how much water we are using and how much out of it is getting wasted through our activities. Why don't we waste milk. As we have to purchase it by paying money we use milk very carefully but water is free so we will waste it.
    That is why I feel Government also should not give anything free. Some state government started paying unemployment compensation. The amount may be less but it will give some sort of laziness to the person. Without working he is getting some money.
    We see in banks also many forms are wasted by people. Even cheques are also wasted as they write without thinking and taking care. If they start charging for these also then people will understand the expenditure involved. But they will start blaming the banks. The mentality of the citizens should change. How much we are paying is not the only important issue. How much expenditure is involved in those facilities is to be thought by all before wasting any item.

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    Absolutely true.
    If one does not acquire anything without cost- be it money or hard work- they will not feel it important and valuable.

    I have a very good experience. A distant relative of min was not having good financial background. So we used to help them by supporting in various ways. We used to buy the children dress, books, toys etc. On occasions we used to give the elders dress and some useful gifts useful for the home.

    But we got to see that they do not care for the upkeep of the things given to them. The appliances given to them are used roughly. They come under repair soon. Then they indirectly blame the givers saying that the quality was not good. But the fact is that even when the donors use some less quality things in their own home, they gave very good quality new things to the family. Similarly as they frequently and consistently get dresses etc they use and throw the old dresses very frequently, whereas the donors use their dresses for long-time before they buy new.

    The male head of the family is not sticking to any job and does not feel any regret for that. They somehow put out a show that they are poor and get things free. But secretly they are buying ornaments (gold and silver) periodically. Even the children do not care about their toys and break them fast deliberately and tell some visiting relatives to buy new toys for them.
    We have now slowed down in helping them.

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