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    A road hump or bump is dangerous to health and wealth

    In India, the roads inside the city, town, and villages have many humps or bumps as speed breakers for the purpose of safety to the pedestrians. Such humps have no specified shape. Some are semi-round, some are square, some are triangular in shape, some are with extraordinary height, and some are slippery. And the humps without white or yellow markings are not visible at night.

    These humps are very dangerous to the riders and the vehicles. The jerks during the jump on a hump affect the spines of the rider. Four wheelers with less ground clearance get stuck and have their bottom damaged. Two-wheeler riders lose their control and fall. At times, pillion riders are thrown away from the seat.

    A day before yesterday, at night, I and my husband had a miraculous escape from a hump where we both had a high jump. We both fell and sustained minor injuries with little damage to our Scooty Honda Activa.

    Why not we have a standard design for road humps to ensure safety to the vehicle riders and the vehicles? Your good suggestions, please.

    Also, post your bitter experiences on road humps.
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    More or less everybody has experienced the effect of road bumps and when it is not uniform in design the worry increases. It is generally used to reduce the speed of vehicles in congested intersections or near educational institutions for safety. It is always important to keep in mind the specifications of every design and maintain that standard everywhere.

    The roads itself are not properly repaired and we see an increase in heights in many bitumen based roads in different parts of rural areas. The layers are supposed to be cut off while repairing a road and it is seen that the construction workers keep on adding layers upon the old ones thus increasing the height. Nowadays there are plastic speed bumps having universal shape and design and is being used widely in new constructions. They all are marked with black and yellow and hope would replace the old and non-uniform ones in the future.

    The bumps which have no uniform design and shape give a lot of pain to the passengers and even cause damage to the cars also. I think, the residents of a particular area facing the problems of these non-uniform bumps can approach the municipalities or PWDs to make them aware of the difficulties which should compel them to change the structures.


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    The speed breakers if not laid and marked properly are dangerous for the vehicles. I myself suffered a severe injury due to unmarked speed breaker. Sometimes they are provided where there is no necessity. Recently a speed breaker was provided on the road near my house because the house of a Minister was on the road. They should be uniform in shape and size and should be marked properly so that they are visible during nights also.
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    I feel speed breakers are very much required in our country as many drivers don't have the discipline of following traffic rules and regulations. But at the same time these speed breakers should have a uniform design and proper indications. There should be proper lighting in the night to notice these from a distance.
    If the driver is going at a good speed and if he has not noticed these breakers there will be severe effect on all the passengers. If the driver is not wearing the safety belt at that particular time he will just jump and may lose control and accidents may happen. An arrangement made for safe journey may cause the accident.
    As such the R&B and PWD should think in a correct way and make an uniform design. At the same time there should be proper indications on the road before the breakers so that driver will get the required alert. Otherwise, as mentioned by the author these speed breakers will become accident creators and they will make dents in the health and wealth of the people.

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    The road bump is definitely very dangerous for the health of the car and two-wheelers and consequently for the wealth of the owners! But considering the reckless driving which has almost become a norm in major cities, road bumps are necessary evils.
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    I am sorry that you fell down while crossing the speed breaker.

    Yes, that's dangerous when we cross them. The main objective of the speed breaker is to lower down the speed of the vehicle but these days they are constructed badly that many times the vehicle gets damaged while crossing them.

    It's a serious issue the government needs to look at it as many times in the night its tough for the drivers to judge that there is a breaker and the vehicle jumps when in speed and there are chances that two-wheeler may fall.

    Also, I have noticed sometimes people force contractor when they construct a road to make breakers in front of their shop or home so that over speeding vehicle may not pass in front of their shop or home which is very wrong. I have visited Kasna to Bullandshahr many times and have found infinite speed breakers on the way and it's very irritating.


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    I once fell into a ditch. It was raining and a bump sustained rain water and I couldn't see it on road. So I went flying and fell into a ditch. Thankfully my bike was ok. I really would like government to cover up the roads they dig. The unskilled labourers just use the remaining cement to make a temporary speed breaker that breaks up easily. These cracked broken speed breakers sometimes can even puncture your tyres.
    They leave these irregular roads behind that are really very uncomfortable to ride upon.

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    Refer Indian Roads Congress Code: IRC 99 -1988 for guidelines on provision of speed breakers.
    Follow the Code, there will be no bitter experiences!

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    There are some road bumps which are visible and there is no problem for the driver to speed down near them. The problem comes where they are not distinguishable from a distance and high speed vehicles just bump on them. It is definitely fatal for the back and leads to injuries.
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    Road hump and bump is not a dangerous one if the driving persons control themselves on seeing them. Many do not care the speed breakers and even such places marked with some zebra lines, they do not control the vehicle but jump as it is. In such cases the drivers as well co passengers definitely got affected in spines and lumber.
    I used to say my driver to have caution especially in rainy seasons while driving on the pitfalls on the road as if you are in that area you should know the pitfalls and if you are new to that area you do not know the pitfalls as it covered with water.

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