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    What would be the state if the whole world population become strict vegetarian?

    What would be the state of the earth if all the human beings living on this earth have become strict and pure vegetarians, and said goodbye to all the nonvegetarian foods that we eat? No to egg, no to mutton, no to chicken, no to beef, no to pork and no to all the other meats that are available for us to eat. Please post your creative thoughts on this subject.
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    Like right now? The agriculture is far less suitable to feed mouths. We can feed 2 billion at best. But there are an extra 5 billion and counting in this world. Agriculture alone is not sustainable. There is a reason why someone would go for the labour of raising livestock than planting seeds. Plants are very sensitive and take long time to grow. Whereas hens lay eggs every now and then. Goats, pigs and hens copulate a lot and they can provide us with sufficient meat. If everyone went strictly vegetarian we'll be doing the planet more harm. We'll destroy more forests. And how are we planning to defend that enormous cultivated lands? By killing intruding animals. The cattle, hogs, goats, hens and every other meat giving animal has now turned an enemy to you. Good luck fighting them. Because you won't look after them anymore.
    It is absolutely impossible. Actually a suicidal idea.

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    In that case, it will be more difficult for us to survive on the planet. Consider the hilly areas where agriculture is very tough due to rocky soil and we can't eat grass which grown there and is eaten by the cattle which is further eaten by human beings. Imagine what will the people eat who live there in that case.

    Also if we dont eat non-vegetarian, in that case, animals will still eat plants but we won't eat them then we need to grow more plants to fulfil ours and animal hunger which seems to be difficult.

    Further, the rates of cereals will increase due to an increase in the demand. Also, many people will get unemployed as people are employed in food processing units and farming animals like sheep, hens and other animals.


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    Dreadful and fearful proposition. The vegetarian food is already in shortage in the world and it is only the availability of the plenty livestock that today we are alive on this planet.

    So even if all the people want to convert themselves from meat eating to vegetable eating, it will not be practically possible to do so.

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    Our eating habits has directly having its impacts on our body & mind & therefore if we shifts ourselves to the vegetarian segment then possibly we would have a balanced mind which to its maximum extent would be devoid of aggressions which in addition will affect the environment around us. Have you ever have imagined of the scenario when you just have stepped out of your house & acknowledging the greeneries with fresh fruits & vegetables or in other case when you are being faced by the slaughter houses with blood & bones spread all over.

    For being non-vegetarian, the justification is given that we got enough livestock & if not killed than there will be unprecedented increase in their population but in between we forget that there is an ecosystem which getting adjusted automatically but due to much interferences of the humans this not being done.

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    A good thought by the author bringing an end to the cruel way of killing the innocent animals and eating their meat.

    Unfortunately, many of our good imaginations do not see the light of the day due to practical limitations and this is also one such case. As other members have rightly pointed out there is already a shortage of vegetarian food and avoiding the big source of non vegetarian food will create a situation of chaos only.

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    As a strict non-vegetarian, I shudder to think if all people become vegetarian. If that terrible thing happens, people will get killed not only by wild animals but also by domesticized animals. There will be famine in almost all years because the landmass would not be able to produce so much food both for human beings as well as for an increased number of herbivores. The only solution would be to start farming under the sea, but human technology has not progressed to such an extent.

    So, please don't force vegetarianism on all of us.

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    It is a good imagination. But it will never be real in the world. If nobody is eating eggs, the population of hens will become more and family planning activity for hens is to be thought of. If chicken and mutton are not eaten the populations of these animals also will become more and no clue regard usage of this meat. If we have to dump it again pollution will be high and how to prevent pollution is another big problem. The killing of animals for meat may not be there and there may not be any religious issues like cow protection so on and so forth.
    The availability of vegetables will become less. We have to face a severe scarcity of vegetables and the cost of the vegetable will go very high. The availability will be very less and may have to be supplied through ration shops and in the black markets rates will be adsorbent. The cultivation of vegetables is to be increased manifold and a lot of research is to be carried out to get the desired output.

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    Though the thought is very good practically it is difficult to make hereafter. If it is from the beginning, it is okey. Now even we enforce this as a law, people do eat hiding. Now in many states the liquor consumption is banned in many states but the people are drinking unofficially or by giving this and that. In some places prohibition is there for smoking in open places but still people are doing here and there. Wearing helmet is made compulsory in many states but people do ride vehicles without helmet also.
    Similar to this the pure vegetarian mentality should come in self and not by any individual compulsion or prohibition.

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    This is a matter which cannot get a correct answer. Present statistics give the number of vegetarians in the world as 375 million. In India the percentage of vegetarians is only 31. India is considered relatively a country of vegetarians. In Europe only 10 percent are vegetarians. Present world population is around 7665 million, which means the vegetarians will be only below 5 percentage of the population. So practically the present ecosystem of the earth cannot think of changing the existing population into vegetarians. If this much of people are used to non veg. food can they expect to get necessary veg food from this earth. Even if they manage what will be the case with the increasing numbet of animals which are presently used for human consumption. So it is the nature which has divided the population as veg and non veg. We know the persons who are consuming non veg food also take some amount of veg items also. The nature is providing these two good items to animals including human beings.

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    Well, in that case we will be eating fruits and vegetables and the animals whose meat people take throughout the world will also be eating vegetables. We have to fight with those animals for our survival because there is not enough vegetation.

    Already we have cut down so many trees and the pollution is rising at an alarming level, so there is not sufficient greenery for us. The animal rights activists are carrying out different movements to stop torture of animals. I am afraid, if everybody turn to eat vegetables then we may find plant rights activists too protesting against the indiscriminate consumption of vegetables.


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    In some countries, people who live at the expense of agriculture would lose their jobs, this would lead to the collapse of some industries, such as meat factories and the number of animals would increase at times.

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