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    Does improved infrastructure ensure better education?

    I got my first Post-Graduation degree from the University of Calcutta. At that time, the University had three main campuses for Post-Graduation and higher studies, viz., College Street Campus, Rajabazar Science College Campus and Ballygunj Science College Campus. Although I studied in Ballygunj Science College Campus, I used to visit the other two campuses as well. The infrastructure was not good. There was space crunch, the libraries had very few books, the canteens used to provide sub-standard food, the classrooms were not maintained properly.

    During my student days, I also completed some short-term courses from Jadavpur University. In that University also, the infrastructure was more or less same.

    Yesterday, I went to the main campus of a new University located in Delhi with my brother. I am very much impressed by the infrastructure of this University. The campus is wi-fi enabled, the libraries contain many books, there are two beautiful lawns with colourful flowers. The central canteen provides quality food at a low price. In addition, there are many food kiosks and stationery marts inside the campus. The classrooms are in excellent condition. The hostels inside the campus look impressive from outside. Handsome boys and beautiful girls are roaming together everywhere in the campus.

    But I was thinking something different. Does this highly improved and modern infrastructure ensure better education? Will the students of this university surpass the name and fame of the alumni of the old University of Calcutta?

    I hope they do.
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    Things change with time. With the growing time, the competition among the colleges has increased. Due to a large number of colleges increasing day by day its tough for them to continue their business if they dont have a good infrastructure. They try to maintain their infrastructure well so that more students take admission in their college and accordingly they charge fees for it.

    In the past, there was no such competition due to less number of colleges. Even in the worst college to seats used to be full.


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    Good infrastructure will make the surroundings much cheerful and in turn, the students will feel happy to spend time there. At the same, the atmosphere will make the student concentrate on his studies. So it is true that good ambience may attract more people.
    Another point to be noted is the competition. More and More private colleges are coming and they have to see that students will get joined in their organisations. Before selecting the institute the parents may visit the available colleges. They will definitely look for good conditions for their children to study.
    But simply making good tables, benches, AC rooms and good ambience may not be reflecting the quality of education. This depends more on the teaching aids that are available and the experience and qualifications of the teachers in the institute and good teaching practices in the college. So the management should concentrate on the mentioned points also and then only one can say that the level of education is good.

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    It is a general trend that with respect to earlier times, the present facilities and infrastructure is much better in the educational institutions. One reason is computerisation which requires AC environment. Other is the increased funds in the hand of college administration as the fee are on high sides.

    So the asthetics and ambience are improved a lot.

    Now coming to the core question whether it has helped in taking the teaching and studies also to a higher level. The answer is no. There is not much appreciable improvement. In fact the students are not getting adequate guidance in the modern colleges and are joining all sorts of tutorials and coaching classes. The quality of teachers is not improved.

    So let us not be impressed by the ambience and up to date look of these colleges where the main activity that is education is suffering.

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    The infrastructure is improved to enhance the facilities to the students, whereas better education requires good academicians. Because of the stiff competition in the education sector, being good at one aspect is not sufficient. Students look into the infrastructure also and make decisions based on many factors.

    The institutions which are newly built are having all the modern infrastructures and along with this, to excel in the academic circle they have to impart quality education to the students too. New colleges and universities are coming up everywhere, students are completing their education from them but only a few institutions are getting prominence. Along with the infrastructure for students like wi-fi facilities and libraries, the research infrastructure also should be improved so that eminent faculties may also go there to teach the students. For better education, there must be enough scope for the academicians and zero political interference.


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    Now a days the facilities and infrastructure is definitely better except the institutions in remote places that also under Govt domain.

    At the same time in some of them very good teachers are there who are maintaining the academic standards. But everywhere it is not so. Some teachers are not doing justice to their jobs and that is a matter of concern.

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