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    Saluting all voluntary efforts

    The "Gaja" has destroyed parts of Tami Nadu. People who depended so much on agriculture have been affected. The prices of coconut, for example, have already gone through the roof, as acres of fertile plantations have been destroyed.

    We should salute the volunteers. The Kerala Chief Minister has despatched his Electricity Board employees to help in restoring electricity. So has the AP Government.

    Hundreds of volunteers are in action. Relief materials are pouring in. While the Government is trying to do something, there is so much more to be done. The unrest is chiefly due to hunger and thirst. Yes, drinking water has not reached the interior villages. Water cannot be pumped up for supply, as there is no electricity. This is a horrible situation.

    Let us join hands in saluting all voluntary efforts. Humanity is very much alive in India.
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    Yes. Humanity is very much alive in our country. When there is a need many people come onto the roads to help the needy. It has been proved a number of times in earlier times. The same things have been proved now also. We should thank all the people who came forward o help the needy. We should salute such people. There is no exaggeration in this. Many people will help either in cash or kind when there is a requirement. The government employees, corporate employees, corporates, private employees, small business people and all others will come forward to help the people in difficulties. That way we should say the Indians are very courteous and kind to the other people who suffer because of these natural calamities. Anyhow, the loss is a loss. But the help from other people will make the sufferer to get relieved from the problem.
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    In the event of such calamity the volunteers, help groups, NGOs and Govt agencies all work shoulder to shoulder to mitigate the problems of the villagers and other people who have lost everything and depend on others even for the basic daily requirements.

    This volunteers are the real selfless people who help the fellow beings in the time of such adversity.

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    All the volunteers have done a commendable task after the natural calamity in Tamil Nadu and they do the same whenever such things happen in other parts of the country. Humans are there to help others and it is visible during any distress. It's true that there is intolerance among people, there is violence and misunderstanding, but there are many people who come forward to help us without battling an eyelid.

    These volunteers are everywhere in the country and working in various domains, they are always helpful and come forward when they think their intervention is required. Yes, they are still there and Humanity is very much alive. My salute to all such people who come forward to help others during tough times.


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    If each and every state is helpful to each other, after the natural calamities, to restore normalcy, no doubt, India will prosper and live in harmony and peace. This is the first time I hear that electricians from other states have come to work in the affected states. Let this good gesture continue with a feeling that we are living in one India.

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    Yes, the state governments are doing a good job. More NGOs should come out to help people financially so that they may arrange basic things. It's very difficult for people who were totally dependent on agriculture now they have nothing in their hand. The government should think of giving them some temporary employment or should help monetary and help them to start a small business if they are willing to do. This is a very serious situation and this may happen with us tomorrow so we should help the state to come out of this difficult time and for that people may donate money, clothes, eatables, drinking water, blankets and many things through which the people out there may be benefited.

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    These volunteers are really praiseworthy who are coming out to help in this time of the calamity in Tamilnadu.

    It is a great task of rehabitilation which requires material and manpower to repair the basic infrastructure and bring things back to the normal life there.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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