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    Are we lost into the world of Cricket & Politics?

    The two most talked about things in our country are Cricket & Politics. It seems that we never gets tired of these two topics & in case we don't have Cricket then we have news of politics all around in the debates & even in the blogs & visa-versa. Since long, we have been to similar kinds of news throughout then we got the T20 Cricket between the India & Australia which we have lost but we already have discussions about what went wrong & what should be the change in strategy for the upcoming events. In between the spiritual part is almost lost & we are little concern about it. For me, we hardly want to change to the spiritual channels when we are offered to choose from the given options.

    What about you? Do you agree with me or you have different taste occasionally?
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    All of us want instant attention. These two topics give us instant attention. So, we discuss these two topics endlessly. We can get enough instances in the Forum section itself.

    So far as I am concerned, I have varied interests. Cricket and Politics are among my favourite topics. So, I discuss these two topics. I have some other interests like history, military warfare, strategic studies, pens, different types of wine, natural beauty, wildlife, forests, etc. I am eager to discuss these topics also. But these topics are not very popular.

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    Yes, these two topics are very hot topics in our country. People dont get tired of talking about these. Apart from this people talk about films and film stars.

    I dont understand why they are so crazy about cricket when they dont get anything out of it. Many of the cricket crazy people even leave their work for watching cricket matches on TV. It's very serious. And what do they get? They get the news that the match was fixed. Imagine how the players play with the sentiments of the innocent public for money. I was crazy about cricket but left watching when I heard on the news that many of the matches in IPL are fixed. Doesn't it look strange we waste our precious time for such nonsense?


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    Politics is a very common topic and anyone and everyone can discuss this subject. That is why even in villages also if 2 or 3 people meet somewhere the first topic that will come for discussion is politics. This politics may be related to their own village, state, country or even international. These discussions will go endless and people will be going on giving their comments on the subject.
    Next topic is cricket. In urban areas, not only youth but also people of different ages will be liking this game in this country. So it will become a common topic and chances for discussing on this are more. So we will have more of this cricket. Majority people also like movies and we will find many discussions about these movies. It is very interesting to hear a discussion about a movie between the fan of the hero of that movie and the other person will be very interesting to hear.

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    People have a liking for talking for common and easy subjects. Every one becomes an authority there. Politics and cricket are two such areas where immense opportunities exist for talking and speculations.

    In our friend circle we had a person who was very much interested in solving puzzles and quizzes. Due to his greater involvement in those things he was very good in that and was even called for conducting quizzes in schools.

    Whenever we had a gathering and he was present in it he usually started some puzzle to involve others but no one took interest in that and after a few minutes the talks started on politics or cricket or local problems. He always complained that no one takes interest in solving puzzles.

    So it is true that we have a tendency to remain in the comfort zone while chit chatting with each other and what will be the better thing then politics or cricket in this regard.

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    I agree with you.

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    Right said. Do you remember the ad campaigns of Coca Cola with the tagline "Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket, Drink only Coca Cola"? It's because of the craze for cricket among the countrymen. Actually people are much interested in politics because whether it is work place or family, politics is everywhere, people accuse others of indulging in politics to serve a particular goal.

    The activities of the political parties are so widespread through different media that people can memorize almost everything about politics and naturally during any discussion this topic comes first to their mind. A large section follows cricket because of its popularity and so it is also another important topic.

    Now, watching spiritual channels is the choice of individuals and it cannot be said that because of the popularity of politics and cricket people do not watch these channels. What people like and how they would like to be entertained is something absolutely personal and that's the reason of so many television programs being telecasted around the world. Personally I am a channel surfer, though seldom watch television programs, and surf through news channels, music and movies.


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    A good observation. Yes, it is true that we go for simpler and easier chit chats in our spare time and do not want to take strain of serious things.

    Political discussions have many facades and dimensions and it is true of cricket as well. These two subjects are of choice to millions of people in our country right from barber's shop to conference halls.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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