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    Do you like Cashew? Today is National Cashew Day

    Today, 23 November is being celebrated as National Cashew Day by the US. Cashew is an excellent dry fruit with high nutrient value. A tasty dry fruit added to many delicious snacks. Cashew is originally from Brazil, and it was introduced in India in the sixteenth century. Cashew is cultivated in eight states of India. Our annual production of cashew is seven lakh tonnes.

    Do you like Cashew? What is your view about this great nut fruit?
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    I do like cashew nuts but I have to control my likings as per the condition of my pocket. So, on this National Cashew Day, I pray that the price of this nutritious and delicious nut must be controlled in such a manner that everybody can appreciate the taste of it.
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    I like cashew very much. I will never leave any chance to eat these cashews. Whenever I fly on a flight I will definitely purchase a cashew packet to eat on the flight. We use regularly this cashew in various food made in our house.
    I don't know that today is celebrated as National Cashew Day in the US. I wish all the US citizens to have more and more cashew in their food. This is a very rich nutritious food. But fat content may also be more. In India, the cost is very high and it will be costing about Rs.1000/- a kg. wish the price should come down so that people will enjoy this more without worrying about the cost.

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    I like cashew only in dry fruits. Cashews are good to eat as they have many nutritional benefits. Eating cashews reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and these are good for skin and hair also. Cashews have large amount of proteins and fats so one should eat them regularly to keep oneself healthy and fit.

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    I love cashews. It simply makes every thing taste better. I've heard that the peel of Kaju is very bitter and poisonous. And I also heard that people only began polishing the cashew and eating it after a prisoner found that out in seventeenth century. They could very well be myths. Or not.
    Goa is one of places where cashew grows a lot and I heard that wine made of cashew there is popular worldwide and is very expensive.

    Happy Kaju day!

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    Thanks for posting this informative piece of post. Yes, cashew is one of the popular dry fruit and because of it's unique taste it is added to many food products and sweet items.

    Roasted cashew is a very common item in high end parties especially the drink parties.

    Due to it's high cost common people can not use it regularly. During festival times it is one of the dry fruits given as a gift pack to others.

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    Very good

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    I did not know that. What a unique day. I like cashew especially in sweets.

    It is only celebrated in US and not in the whole world.

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    I never knew about National Cashew Day. I love to eat salted cashew. I do keep a stock of unsalted cashew in my refrigerator for using it in various recipes. It's very expensive, so, I add cashews while preparing a dish in a very moderate quantity.
    Like others, I too suggest that the cost of cashew should be made affordable.


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