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    Aspirations are always good, let's be humane first!

    We all are equal! Yes, we all have hands, legs, eyes, ears etc. Yet, we behave differently. This is because we have a different thought process and our outlook is not same. It is learnt that human beings are the most intelligent species on earth, but we call our fellow human beings fool also depending on the situation. When humans first came to the planet, according to history, they were all of same nature. They lived in caves, ate animal flesh and wore nothing. Later on they evolved and now we call ourselves modern humans.

    Through our daily experiences and different studies it is found that the humane characteristics of the humans are going downwards in many cases and people are blaming many issues for the degradation. Ask any child what he wants to become after growing up and the answer will invariably be some kind of professionals who are essentially required in our daily lives. It's good to have aspirations at an early age and that is the perfect time to shape up the mind of the child. Let the aspirations remain within, no need to disturb the process, but let them be humane first. Other aspects will automatically follow thereafter. We preach every time that all humans are equal, but behave in a way devoid of human characteristics. It's time to wake up. We ourselves only can change the things.
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    A human being should never forget the human in him. Then only he will be remembered long and his life will be peaceful. Even though you have money in your bank when you have no water for drinking you will look around for a glass of water. We should understand the basic needs of others and if we can do something for the people in need you deserve to be a human being. Otherwise, there is no human and you will be a being only. If you treat your hunger and the other person's hunger also in the same way, it is good.
    Aspirations in life are different and being human is different. You should not kill the human in you for meeting your aspirations. This point should be kept in our mind always. Without aspirations and struggle, there is no life. One should have some aspiration so that he will be focussed always to fulfil the desires.

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    The author has brought out a good thought that first of all we should be good human being. In today's materialistic life everyone is running after the career to reach high and earn more. In this race the basic instinct of loving and caring the fellow human is being shadowed.

    We may be successful and satisfied in our life but that is not by what we are measured in the society. The society only weighs us against our good deeds for the mankind in general and help rendere to the downtrodden in particular.

    We must come out of our selfish cover to the outside word of philanthropy and kindness for the needy persons.

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    In our efforts to reach the goals or realize our aspirations we are forgetting our fellow humans who are weak by nature or handicapped in one way or other and require help to prolong their life.

    They are the miserable lots but no one has time to see towards them. We are selfish in our own ways and are not ready to help the suffering humanity.

    It is the crux of modern civilization.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I dont think being ambitious is wrong. When you have an ambition from childhood then only you can fulfil it in today's world when there is so much of competition.

    Being human is the first thing which a parent should teach a kid. Yes in our fast life we dont teach the moral values, this is the thing where people are lagging as they are being more professional these days.

    It's serious because equilibrium in the world has to be maintained if everyone in the world becomes evil then people will fight with each other and that's what is happening in the world these days.

    Therefore we need to teach our kids about humanity and should ask them not to be selfish and help people without thinking what profit they will get from helping them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
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    Recently, I conducted a survey in which people answered what it means for them to be human. As it turned out, the most common answer was to be fair and honest. It showed that not everything is lost in people.

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    The problem is kids don't really understand empathy until they are like 5-7 years old. Ofcourse they will cry when they see you in pain but not because they are being empathic but frightened. But kids do develop aspirations before that. Kids are master roleplayers and they can easily choose the job that best fits them. It's not like we breed our children to opt a particular profession by birth. My four year old nephew told me he wants to be a policeman. No one patronized him to say so. He just thought that being police is cool. He also said he will shoot everyone who doesn't listen to him when he's a policeman. That pretty much sums up what I told in first few sentences. Children lack empathy in the initial four-five years. Empathy should be felt to understand. So you cant really teach them being humane.

    Kids should learn by their own about kindness and pity. We can't actually inculcate them. Goes against their biology. I think when the time is right the kids with themselves know what to put first, empathy or aspiration.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes but there is one thing I agree. Kids are very absorbing. They can easily mimic what you say. So you must be very careful before them. Keep your behavior to the maximum disciplined and your words not targeted towards a specific group. My nephew whom I mentioned earlier, lives in USA, has an aversion towards black people there. He's just 4. It is very possible that his mom or dad discussed badly about the coloured skinned people. This is very messed up. If only parents kept their words in check around children. These little things they hear stay in them for ages and develop as they grow up.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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