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    Talk less;Click more

    Former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi asked her countrymen to 'talk less;work more'.
    But over the years lot of chat shows in umpteen number of TV channels made people talk more. The same is still there in most channels especially the 24 x7 news channels in the name of debate. Many of those debates have of late tuned to be simply barking shows, where we get to see more shouting and gesticulations than sensible and worthy debate.

    The spread of mobile phones and more mobile service providers (in 2G time)with cheap rates of talk time also made people talk more, talk to each other. That somehow helped to build and maintain more contacts.

    Now, the scene has again changed to 'Talk Less', but not as envisaged by Mrs.Gandhi.
    Number of affordable smartphones with good pixel and resolution cameras in them combined with the cheap data) after Jio effect) has made anyone and everyone a photographer. People just click a photo of anything in their smartphones many of them selfies and send them around the world in real time by FB, whatsapp etc.

    Now if we attend a marriage o any other function, -which earlier used to be a meeting place and new contacts made and old contacts re-energised- now people are happy to be alone clicking photos in their smartphones. All the important functions are 'clicked' but not watched and listened.(Not to say about the official photographer and videographers who simply block the view for the audience). Marriages are now best attended in Facebook later viewing the recorded album.

    So now it is 'Talk less;Click more'.
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    The author has presented the bitter truth in an excellent manner. Our social interaction is coming down with the increase of online interaction. It is the curse of the present age.
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    A nice write-up to describe the reality. Nowadays, people are overenthusiastic to click selfies and going to any limits to make the perfect click. Personal interactions are coming down and online interactions are going up. Interestingly, people cannot become sure of the identity of the person on the other end and sometimes getting duped. It seems people of all age groups, who are using the smart gadgets, follow this trend and want to stay active online.

    Imagine how much time is spent just to update the status at regular intervals and there is no respite. Even during personal interactions, few people do talk talk about their latest social media posts. I am thinking about the day, when people will go to office and click a selfie in front of the desk and post it to the social media to notify their presence at office to the boss.


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    Yes, it has become like that, most of the people are equipped with smartphones these days. I have seen many people, they dont have an interest in talking with the people but keep themselves busy in clicking photos of people whom even they may not know.

    People have made it a routine that anything they do, they post it on facebook or on the status of WhatsApp which in my opinion is not good, why should we make our life like a book that everyone read it.

    It's very serious as we devote our precious time in updating photos on social media and then asking people to like them. Its felt that the more likes you get on Facebook more popular you are. I have seen people begging for likes there.

    I dont understand why do we hire a photographer at a party when we all have a hifi mobile with us having a camera with good resolution.

    Regarding a talk show you mentioned, it's very absurd people keep on shouting and abusing like they are not sitting to discuss anything but have come for shouting and give audience a right picture of politicians.

    I appreciate media too as they bring guests only who are expert in presenting his or her view forcibly by shouting.


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    Very true. Every one today appears in a rage of clicking. Whether it is a family function or a marriage reception or a religious function or an outdoor activity or an official function, every where there are people clicking and clicking.

    All this data then goes to the internet to various platforms like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, google, yahoo and many others who are the prominent players in this area.

    Now the friends and relatives who were not very attentive during the real function will see this data online and get amused by it. Many people who are interested and curious to know about others will also visit those sites and see it. More important a person is more rush to his page will occur.

    So in this crowd of data in the net the real beneficiaries are the owners of these gigantic platforms like google or facebook who earn their revenue from advertisements just because people visit their various pages.

    So, all this is assimilated to a business sense of some giants in the net where all our personal fun and frolic data is stored.

    So, in essence, while following this rage we are working towards the prosperity of these online companies.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good presentation by the author. Talk less but work more has become these days as talk less but click more. Actually many people these days believe in talking more so that they will get the attention of many people. The old saying is talk less and hear more. But we never hear. We will be tempted more to talk and show that we are the real achievers.
    These days that attitude is different. People are getting attached to smart phones. Wherever we go and whatever we do we will keep our smart phone with us. We willl be going on taking photos. Even when we go for a pilgrimage the phone will be with us and we will be going on clicking the photos.
    Even in marriage function people will be busy in taking photos more than talking to the friends there or enjoying the programme.

    always confident

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    Very good

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    It has become a routine for many of us to click and then upload in the media and keep there for people to see it and see their comments. The technology has made it happen and one smart device in our hand can do that in a few minutes.

    Now this has become an addiction for us and the new generation has adopted it in their routine.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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