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    Are articles about current affairs needed?

    Hey! I'm Dheeraj.
    I have a great interest in national and international current affairs. I try to follow all the events happening around the world affecting India or its people. Not all of them but, I try hard to grasp the important ones.
    So I want to know, are some articles about major current affairs needed here? I will try to add as many details as possible with a good analysis in the articles about the topic. I guess the students who are preparing for UPSC and various PCS would appreciate these articles.
    What do you guys think? I haven't written any articles here yet so help me get started.
    Thank you. Have a good day.
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    You can write articles on current affairs also. As far as my knowledge goes there is no such restriction. You can submit your article, but before doing that please go through the guidelines given for submitting an article. You can read the articles on the top of the list of articles which will give you a good idea about the points to be taken care of for submitting an article. Once you submit your article it will be in the new submissions and after the concerned editor verifies and approves it, then it will be published.
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    All of us are eagerly waiting for articles on current affairs. As we know ISC is an educational site. Many students and applicants for different jobs go through this site. If a current affairs expert writes articles on current affairs/international affairs, such articles will be welcomed and read not only by the students/job applicants but also common Member like me.

    When are you uploading your articles on current affairs?

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    Articles about current affairs are appreciated as they may get more views and ultimately help site to gain profit. Also being an educational site such articles are required here. Don't think much just start writing .

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    Yes, Dheeraj, we accept such articles. Remember to present the topic in your own words. If written and presented well with a good title and summary, too, such articles do fetch traffic to the site. Dr. Rao has mentioned a relevant point about following the content submission guidelines. It is further suggested to check approved articles to get an idea of how to present it well. In case you are unable to understand any guidelines, please post a query in this thread and one of the editors will guide you.
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