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    It’s not just performance but Office Politics too

    The job market has become very competitive nowadays and good performance is the key to survive in any private organization today. But is this all? Can employees feel assured that they will reap the benefits in form of promotion and salary hike just by virtue of their performance? No, I think this is not always true nowadays as employees need to cross one more hurdle and that is "Office Politics".

    We all might have heard about and experienced office politics. In past, this was more common in government organizations but now it has started developing in private companies too and even if Software/IT companies.

    Now office politics is a very broad term and it may cover a number of scenarios. Examples are below.

    Higher management of the company may have the majority of people belonging to a particular region and hence they end up in favoring other junior staff belonging to the same region. Due to this sometimes employees belonging to the same region tend to get rewards irrespective of their performance and deserving ones are left out.

    There will always be a set of people in any company who do not want to work sincerely and will not let others work too. These people will tend to create problems for the people who are performing well by unnecessarily finding their mistakes.

    Sometimes groupism is seen among employees belonging to a particular region and they always support each other and neglect others.

    There will be some employees who will work less and shout more. Due to this, employees who are modest and work hard but do not shout about it tend to suffer. They work hard and credit is taken by others who are well versed with office politics.

    So it is quite evident that for survival in the professional world nowadays, in addition to good performance people should also able to tackle the prevailing office politics. At times it is seen that innocent people fall prey to office politics in spite of being good performers.
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    A well said thread with a real scenario presented in a beautiful way. A person who performs well and excel in his duties is supposed to get all the rewards, promotion and incentives. But these days working sincerely is not the only requisite. In addition to that one should be able to withstand the politics in the office.
    There is a Manager in a complany in Hyderabad. His boss is trusting him and given him full powers. This man has taken this as an advantage and started maintaining his own group. Every year his group people willbe getting all the benefits. Any thing goes wrong he throws the blame on the other group and the boss will believe his words. If any person tries to explain the problem to top boss he will ask them to go and talk to the manager. Finally many good people who were working hard left the Organisation and noe the manager is suffering with his own team members and somehow manages the show and slowly losing the grip. Even the politics in private organisations also is increasing and many genuine workers are suffering.

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    Work speak more at the end. Office politics is normal everywhere but people don't survive longer by doing it ultimately it's your work or performance which speaks. We have few people in our organisation who don't work much sincerely like others and believe in the flattering boss and complaining about others. Boss attitude is good towards them but he also understands what they are doing and don't spare any chance of scolding them too if anything wrong happens.

    I agree that such people are benefitted but that's for a short period ultimately you are recognised by your performance everywhere.

    Its always better to stay out of office politics and the people who are always involved in it. Don't be so closes to your superiors, juniors or peers. Don't discuss anything about anyone which is not related to your work. I always prefer to stay away from it.


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