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    Pressure and deadlines are indispensable to get the work done

    It is a common observation that in general, the work starts getting done at a faster pace when there is pressure and deadlines are near. Without pressure, the pace and efficiency of work tend to slow down due to the relaxed approach and lack of seriousness. Sometimes people happen to drag the work towards the deadline and only when the deadline is near they speed up and complete the work. Hence work which could be done well before the deadline gets unnecessarily dragged to the deadline.

    Though this may not be true always still it is quite common. Why do people sometimes only do the things faster under pressure and near to deadline? Why can't they do their work sincerely, efficiently and at the same pace irrespective of pressure and deadline? I think because it is human nature that they tend to get relaxed and work slowly when the deadline is not set for the work they are doing as pressure is not there.

    We sometimes see that students study the most when their exams are near and they feel the pressure.

    In offices also many times employees work more under pressure rather than when relaxed.

    This may be the case in our daily life too.

    I think this is a drawback and people need to get out of this mindset. Doing the work beforehand without pressure is likely to give a better quality output. On the other hand, working under pressure may compromise quality sometimes and also lead to mistakes.

    So why at times people prefer to take tension and work only under pressure?

    The truth is that working efficiently and sincerely even without any pressure and deadlines require a good deal of commitment and seriousness towards work, which every individual does not possess.
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    If there are no deadlines and if there is no pressure the things will get slowed down. This is mainly due to the fact that people will give much importance to the work when there is no alternative. Many people are like this only. That is why we seee in many organisations the bosses will keep on increasing the pressure on their employees to get the maximum output. Even after deciding the dead lines also these people never stop following up the works with their subordinates and they will try to get the things done at the earliest possible. They will be very careful in fixing the target dates also. They will never allow the time actually wanted. This is the natural tendency of people.
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    Procrastination is very much common in the people. There are people who delay their work for some reasons and there are people too who do it due to the lethargic approach towards work.

    People usually have such habit because they have fear of failure in their mind so they do it very slowly. Sometimes they think that they will be able to complete the assignment early than the time given so they start the things late thinking that they will complete it before the deadline which in reality they can't. Also, one of the reason being they are not focused and they don't understand what they have to do.

    But in all its, not a good habit we should check and prioritize our work and don't stretch it towards the deadline as there is a risk that we may not be able to complete that work on time.


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    Laziness is an inherent trait of all the living beings including humans. For example many animals will only be active when they are hungry otherwise they will be idling and sleeping here and there. In normal conditions most of us will be working in a normal and slow pace. It is only when there is pressure from the top or other compulsions that we will be working in a faster pace to complete the work in time.

    This phenomenon is common in the companies or organisations and it becomes a challenging task for the management of an organisation to get work from the employees in a time bound manner.

    There is also a significant difference in our speed of working when we are working for others or we are self employed.

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    Our working culture is like that. We can not perform excellent without pressure or force from the top.

    In general our output will be slow and mediocre. Sometimes casual also. Under force we will suddenly become so sincere and serious that efficiency will go to record high levels.

    It is true that we do not have a culture of balanced working.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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