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    Who is the most unfortunate of all?

    We normally see the following types of people in this world as far as their career aspirations are concerned.

    Type1: People who have passions and aspirations, but they are not capable enough to achieve it and hence they are unable to achieve their goal - Somewhat unfortunate.

    Type2: People who have the capability but are easygoing and not serious about their aspirations and they want to lead a carefree life - It's their decision.

    Type3: People who have both capabilities as well as the desire to follow their aspirations and hence they are successful in reaching their goals - The most fortunate of all.

    Type4: People who have neither aspirations nor capability and obviously such persons fail to reach their goal - Can't help it.

    Type5: But the most unfortunate lot of all – They are the people who have both passions and aspirations as well as capability to follow their dreams, but they fail to set priority for it in their life. Such people in spite of being capable fail to implement their efforts towards their goals and get lost and confused in their life. They are more thinkers and doers.

    So Type 5 people are the most unfortunate ones who in spite of having passion as well as caliber are not able to implement them in action. They are to be pitied the most.
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    I agree with the author with the classification of people. There are some people who are not capable and who are not having passion will also sometimes come up in their lives. I think they are the most fortunate people in the world. There are people who have everything required for success but they are not successful. They are the real unfortunate people on the world.
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    Very well said. Setting priority is very very important. You see. ..life is much more that setting goals and achieving them. Many parts of life appeal to us and eat away our concentration. Here prioritizing how much time to spend on who and what is very important. But that's really a very hard thing to do. You will either end up with broken relationships or failed career trying to balance your priorities. Maybe that is why success only graces a few. Not everyone is good at prioritizing.
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    There is a type of unhappy people, so called extinguished people. These people have experienced great pain or loss and have lost the ability to love, believe and see beauty. Very sorry for these people.

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