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    Humanity still exists in the world. Don't you think?

    In today's world when everyone is behind money people are not much humane. They dont think much to move forward in life even if they have to run over someone's head.

    I am not different I also fall in the same category but this man really touched my heart. I was listening to his interview on the radio.

    He was going to some rural area in a car with his wife. Weather was not good that day. He saw four girls going on the way. He asked those girls to sit in his car as he will drop them to their house as rain is going to come in a few minutes. They agreed and sat in his car.

    This man asked them where they were going in such a bad weather. They said they are coming from college. The man replied why didn't they took a bus or any other conveyance. One of them said there is only one private bus which goes to our college and comes back home at the time when our college ends. But we dont come by that bus as the atmosphere of that bus is not good and boys are very problematic in that bus.

    This man got sad and asked her wife can we do something for them. His wife said we should do something for them. He said if their daughter had been alive they would have spent 20 lacs on her studies and marriage so let's think we are spending that much money on our daughter and he purchased a bus for such girls to commute in that village.

    It was heart touching as how many people are there in the world who would think like this man? At least I cant. Will you? Hats off to this man and his wife.
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    Really we should appreciate the man who spent so much money and taken care of the problem of the girls of that village who are facing commuting problem to their college. There are still some people who have humanity and ready to donate money and time for some people. I think because of such people only we are able to survive. If that type of people are not existing there is every threat for the existence of people on this earth. A person spending twenty Lakshman for arranging a bus is not a small issue and many people who are rich and have plenty of money also can't do it. Hats of to that pair. Let such people be exist on this earth.
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    Such people are rare. We must treasure them. We all want to raise as much capital as possible in our lives but donating to the needy is why money exists. Other's pain must always come before your pleasure. Salute to this man and his conviction. But I hope his service is put to good use in that rural area you mention. Donation is not just giving away money or other basic things but seeing to that it is put to a good use. That man must take care that his bus is being commuted everyday.
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    The good thing is that we all are surrounded by such personalities but the sad part is that we don't value them. The fact of the matter is that we are selfie expert & therefore even something good is happening but still the focus remained different. Taking on a positive note than there would have been the numerous occasions wherein a customer didn't negotiated with a small vendors & paid with the full amount while on a different picture the Ambulance has been provided with a room for clear passage or the Bhandara has been organized without differentiating of the caste & on religion basis.

    Do you feel that even though these are taking place every day but still we are confronted with negative impressions throughout?

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    I am a strong believer that humanity still exists. This world goes on only because humanity exists.
    Every one has some quantity of humanity left however contrary others think about them.
    I am not giving any examples, but we can see this in everyday life from small to bi things. It starts in a small routine matter of giving seat for an elder co-traveller to sit while travelling. We get to read reports of organ donation (not for money) but for humanitarian reasons.

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    I often lose faith in people, because the world in our time is cruel and merciless, but sometimes I see incredible pictures of human actions that prevent us from losing faith in kindness and humanity.

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    #654168, the world has always been cruel and merciless but because we have the media with internet access to almost each one us, the information is easily available & this even at any part of time. This wasn't the case previously & so often we got the late news or never but the current situation is all the different.

    We have many good & bad things happening around us but the picking & transmitting of information is somewhat negative only which is not good because this has created a negative impacts on our mindset in many of us that we got nothing good to say or express. This needs to get changed.

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