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    You will not get time, you have to take out time

    It is nothing new because as the popular saying goes, time and tide wait for none. The time period available to us is fixed. We cannot expect to get additional time to cater to our additional requirements. So the only option available is to plan our tasks in such a way that we manage time. What do you have to say about this?

    We often say that we want to do certain things, but we are not getting time for it. We want to do Yoga but no time for it, we wish to go for a walk but no time left, we wish to spend time for our hobby but sadly no time, we wish to do something extra than our job but again no time and so on.

    How helpless we are in front of time! But the big question is, will we ever get time? The answer is a big No. We always find time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep just because they are mandatory for our body. Similarly, why can't we carve time for other things? It is very clear that we will never get time for anything, but we have to take out time.

    Setting priority for everything and carving out a disciplined schedule for all the activities can be an answer to the time problem. Moreover doing whatever task we are doing with efficiency, sincerity and focus without thinking here and there can also help in making optimum use of the time.

    There should be no tomorrow to get the time for anything. If you make effort to find time then you will definitely find the time.
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    Absolutely. We should do time management to save time for the things for which we think we dont get the time. I have seen people often say that they don't get time to do certain things.

    Always do a thing on time don't postpone them to the deadline. Also, think the time is limited and you have to complete all your work in the stipulated time only that way you can save your time for the things you may have wanted to do for yourself.

    Always try to make your work faster and easier. Try to sleep early and wake up early and have a proper sleep so that you may not find yourself lethargic in doing your routine works.

    I believe if one is organised and does his work on time he gets enough time for other activities and doesn't have to say that he has no time.


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    Here the important point is that time is not the real factor. If you really have an interest and wanted seriously to go for a walk or you want to perform Yoga, definitely you can make sometime. But you are not really interested in doing those acts. If there is a will there is a way. Some people try to blame time for not doing certain things. He is having time for all other events but he don't have time for a walk. What actually the point is you are not really interested so you are bringing in the time factor.
    I heard many people telling this. They say always they are busy. But if you see the output it will be never in line the time spent.
    If you have real intentions to perform a work, you will give top priority to that work. But you have not kept that issue at the top priority you are not doing it. If one really analyses the way of time spent, we can see where there are gaps and how we can plan the works which we are not able to complete.

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    There will be sufficient time to do what all we want to. It is not the problem with time but lack of determination. If we really want to do something, we can find the time. Lack of time is an excuse for lack of determination and improper planning.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    A good narration on the importance of time. Time never waits for anyone. It is a strange entity in that sense that it has a fixed speed though different people see it moving at different speed.

    People who know it's value and honour time only can derive benefits out of using it intelligently. Taming the time is the biggest challenge for the human beings as in this race mostly people fail and lose more time on repenting on the past deeds.

    For coping up with the limited time in our life we have to be highly disciplined and tough in our working hours and see that nothing g is being wasted. It is not possible to do like that except a few of us who are really firm in their convictions and actions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Time is the only resource which God or nature has given equally to all.
    No one can complain that he/ she is given less time and someone else is given more.

    Those who manage the time well are the most efficient . Time Management is the management of the most scarce and precious resource-TIME.

    Time is the most dynamic of all resources.One cannot hold even a moment more than that moment. It just flies.
    Time is the only one resource that cannot be accumulated,deferred or donated. Each one gets time equally and has to use or waste his quota. Success lies in how and what we make use of the given time.

    One cannot create or destroy time. It is given in equated metered doses,available now here, and gone. Unlike all other sources,time cannot be recycled or reused as it irreversible.

    Hence we have to make the best use of current time. Just like Agni,Time also is a destroyer and also a healer. It depends how use it and manage it. Not everybody's cup.

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    A very good thread by the author that uniquely describes the importance of time management. We remain busy with things that we prioritize in our regular life. Things that we find less important always lag behind and we provide an excuse of lack of time for those works.

    Time is always running, there is no option to stop it. The time is divided in years, months, weeks etc to specify a particular amount of time which is fixed everywhere. We have to plan all our works to fit in the limited time period we have on a particular day/month and then only we will be able to manage it. At times people say they do not have time for some activities, it is because they have never allotted a time for those activities and thought of giving more importance to other activities.

    When you are planning for yoga, walk or any kind of hobby, just spend a little time to think how you are going to include them into your regular schedule and then you will automatically manage some time for these activities. Just thinking of doing them without making a proper schedule will be of little help. We all have to efficiently manage the time we get and plan our works accordingly.


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    Time sometimes becomes our enemy, because when we are in a hurry, it goes very fast, and when we wait, it stands still. This is a psychological barrier that we can manage if we want.

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