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    Machines may take over the world but not the human creativity!

    Nowadays, we see the advancement in the field of Robotics. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks are some of the familiar terms which are talking about. Humans are creating machines and machines are creating humans. In this world of unstoppable inventions the only thing which remains constant is the creativity of human being which can't be imparted into machines.

    Artificial intelligence - Can it create a sand sculptor like Sudarshan Patnaik, singer like Lata Mangeshkar or a painter M F Hussain and so on..?
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    Excellent. Human creativity is unique and no machine can replace a human being in that respect. You can create robotics which can do everything for you. But certain qualities which are unique to human beings which will be given by God as gift can' t be given by a human being to a robot. These robotics can have energy but not artistic qualities.
    We should be thankful to God for giving us such gifts to at least to some people so that all the human beings will have the chance to enjoy their special skills.

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    True. Creativity could be the only thing that we humans seem capable of than our machine brethren. But what is creativity? Do you plan to be creative ? No. Creativity is a random event that coincides with the event you want to happen. So we can talk about creativity in terms of probability. We always say necessity is the mother of invention and creativity. Speaking mathematically, that would mean a probability that is very very unlikely, literally a random probability. So creative gain can be summed up as a random favorable event.
    Now robots are far far more superior than us in generating and analysing random variables. Infact that is how internet works. So all that robot needs is a very good random favorability analyser to come up as creative.

    For an example, imagine you need to stick something up. You don't have a glue. You look for something in your neighbourhood. This trait of looking for an alternative is primarily when creativity happens. If an AI learns to look for alternatives too, it will definitely become creative.

    There is actually a band called Compressorhead composed entirely of robots. They are programmed to play a certain song. Now all I have to do is to give that robot a program where it learns to reach the same goal through a different possibility. It's quite hard to program but not impossible.
    Feel in music is obtained by techniques such as vibrato. Feel in a painting can be obtained by getting a stroke. By voluntarily pressing at certain points and letting lose at others. Every field or art has a completely mechanical way to mimic the "feel" of an artist.
    Now our robot has this "feel" and "creativity", two things humans are known for. I don't think the day is too far.

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    There is a lot of development going in the field of science and technology and with this the new frontiers of excellence are emerging creating immense possibilities for newer and newer gadgets.

    With artificial intelligence coming to the front the robots are supposed to do all those things which a human can do except the human creativity and human calibre for solving a new problem.

    Some of the people fear that robots will soon overpower the human beings and earth will be ruled by these digital minds and human race will be either like slaves or extinct from this planet.

    Anyway, it is not going to happen as robots can not do so as they can only do as much as they are programed and their logic is limited to their learnings stored in their memories which is very miniscule in comparison to the human brain.

    We, the humans, have made them and whatever knowledge of the world we may put in the robots that is nothing because whenever the robot comes to a new situation it again will look to us for the solution.

    So these Machines can never be like the human brain.

    Interestingly, human brain has immense capabilities but we do not know what the percentage of it we are using today as we do not have complete knowledge about our brain. The total capabilities and capacities to which it can go unlike machines is based on a biochemical combination of material in live form and so far science has not been able to unravel its mysterious ways of working.

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    Machines are evidence of human beings' creative ability. And if the human being can create a machine with creative thinking ability, that would be the ultimate victory of humanity. However, I think even at that time also, the human creator would devise an emergency button (in advance) to destroy such thinking machines in case of an emergency.
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    Well, till now humans are the most intelligent species on earth and they are creating wonders since beginning. They have now even created robots that can act like humans and can manage many tasks efficiently. They are based on artificial intelligence. It is artificial because it is not original. These robots are programmed with certain algorithms and used for the task of analysis also. Recently there was a news that Amazon has discarded a part of its recruitment process done through artificial intelligence because of sexism. I posted this thread last month and opined there should be some rules for the robots also so that no man-machine conflict arises.

    The technology is advancing at an unimaginable speed and we do not know what will happen after the next few years. There are experiments done with AI devices to make them creative and who knows, we can experience something unique in future too. But whatever may be the outcome, the creativity of the machines should remain within the boundaries of experiment only. Otherwise, the world will be too mechanical for us.


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    I read your post Sankalan. Thanks for sharing those valuable rules.
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    It is really a very interesting thread comparing machine with a human.

    It is true that as we have made those machines it may not be possible to fabricate more brain power in them than that of what we possess.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Who knows that in future the machines may take over the world including the human creativity. Our dependencies on the machines are quite obvious to the fact that the machines are now more advanced & even replacing the employees on the work places. If we compare the creativity in machines in context to the human than this whole depends upon the programming & the "IF" conditions. The more this being created the more ways the machine would move that the machines even able to think independently. We can't deny of the fact the machines wouldn't ever be able to replace the human being but for sure we are in huge competition here.

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