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    The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness

    Somewhere I read the quote but I do not agree with it. In my opinion, I believe life is to find happiness in the things it doesn't matter if they are useful or not. Sometimes we get happy sitting on the bank of the river and staring at the flowing water but it may not be of any use. Sometimes we stand in the balcony and just watch people going on the way. These are all meaningless things and & people may feel these are waste of time but for me, these are not.

    There are several things we do daily which we do just to make ourself happy.

    What about you? Do you check yourself and do things to find happiness if and if they are useful otherwise don't do them.
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    Yes. I agree with the author we require happiness also in our life. We can:t think only about usefulness and profit. Going to a movie is for happiness. We can't think of usefulness in that case. Growing a kitchen garden is for pleasure. We can't think of profit there. It gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness. So we should not think of profit also every time. At the same time we shouldn't spend time for happiness alone. There should be time for doing useful work also. There should be a balance in the life. Spend some time on useful ways also.
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    That kind of quote is something a nihilist or an existentialist would write . We all have different views about life. We all follow different philosophies. One such is that pleasures don't matter in life. Pleasure can be summed up as chemical reactions after all. But being useful to nation is a practical purpose.
    Even I feel that being useful is greater than being happy. Because I am a nihilist.

    It's just outlook. Life doesn't mean the same to everyone. Some find pleasures in small things like you and some try their best be useful and resourceful like me.

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    I also don't agree to this. If we are not happy, we can't be able to prove ourselves helpful to others.
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    Happiness and usefulness go side by side. Simply being happy does not make sense if a person is not sincere in his work and not employing his time in constructive activities. What is our contribution to the society or our organisation and what is our utility is system where others are also contributing for a common cause are the things which govern our achievements and success in life and then thereafter being happy is definitely a good proposition to enjoy the fruits of the hard work and involvement in different activities.

    Sometime when we are taking break from our work or in our leisurely moments we feel happy then it is a usual state of mind and we also must cherish those great moments to adore the beauty of nature and the world surrounding us. There is nothing wrong in that.

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    In fact this whole is a matter of perception. One individual grown-up under a certain circumstances intends to have food because he never got the good food throughout his life. One another have seen the miseries of life & therefore intends to have money as a goal & as a ultimate goal of life but for someone who contained with the huge bank balance would perhaps intend to have spiritual path so as to get some peace ultimately. For human being the meaning of life would be different wherein he strive for more of what he already got away with.

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    You are right in your reasoning, you can be infinitely useful person in all spheres but not be happy. Happiness lies in the little things, perhaps for someone it is to be useful, but not for everyone.

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